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The premise is interesting enough: Fleur Daxeny is an attractive and charismatic woman who gatecrashes funerals with the sole intention of befriending very rich widows.

La signora dei funerali

I liked the idea behind it, but that’s it. Also, I think the background could have been worked into the story better, you would be going along on sibnora story and suddenly there would be a chapter set in the past and it would give you insight on why a character was the way they were now.

More by Madeleine Wickham. However, Zara just wants a home. Aug 27, Lauren rated it really liked madeleinee Shelves: Did Richard eventually got to know about Fleur’s gold-digging schemes? Read this if you want to have a good, juicy time – This book has all the fun elements you will find in Sophie Kinsella’s work.

“A che gioco giochiamo?” di Madeleine Wickham (Sophie Kinsella), recensione libro

And it isnt just in the gatecrasher, I found the same in the other ones I am just going to put it xignora there, though I half heatedly enjoyed sleeping arrangements I do not like Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham. The plot is designed really well, showing how wivkham people are involved in pulling off an act as big as Fleur’s. She really likes Gillian, Richard, and Antony and is petrified that Fleur is going to get what she wants, and then drag them off to the next challenge.

Richard – her latest victim was very nice, yet he did not ask any questions and did not consider it strange that a woman could just stay with him for months without any work or family obligation. How is that kind??? Books by Madeleine Wickham. For expmle, she convinced Phillippa to leave her dreaded husband, but then hung her out to dry when she reached out to her.


However this book had a good hook which carried it along nicely and it was a light and easy read, not to mention the fact that I fell in love with Sophie’s photograph on the inside cover!

I liked Richard and his family. Real charm wasn’t the gushing and kisses of the frosted women at the golf club. A book by Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham. When Fleur meets a widower with a family almost as dysfunctional as hers, she finds herself pulled into the center of things, suddenly becoming a lover to the grieving husband, a best friend to the departed’s sister, and a confidant to the lonely daughter.

I was wuckham really shocked that we didn’t have a scene where Richard finds out about Fleur’s real intentions, confronts her, they would fall out for a bit but then end up happy ever after when Fleur explains that she now loves him.

Yes, sure, he’s the nicest man on the planet, but since when is nice synonymous with stupid? Richard’s obnoxious and insulting son-in-law added more emotion to the book mostly angry emotions from myself! The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham. Sorry I did not enjoy it as much as her other books. She’s so horrid that I almost found myself rooting for wickjam, hoping that she would get some sense knocked into her at some point.

Fleur Daxeny picks up rich men at their wife’s funeral. Ik dacht bij het aanschaffen van dit boek. It wasn’t very funny, and it didn’t really reflect on the characters pasts’ much; I felt that with those particular characters, their backgrounds could’ve made it a more interesting read. Now this book probably obviously wasn’t written for madeleinr 40 year old bloke with a bald head who likes football and Newcastle Brown Ale drunk straight from the bottle.

Madeleine Wickham

Ik vond dit boek erg tegenvallen. Sorry, that person’s shelf is private. Die guten Charakteren waren durch und durch gut und die schlechten einfach nur schlecht. One thing leads to another, and before long she is using their credit card to rack up enormous shopping ka before moving on to her next target. Everything that Madeleine Wickham seems to lack. I think this book was ok, nothing amazing. You never give anyone a chance!


Although I think I wickgam be being slightly harsh and it isn’t bad, just not as good as anything she wrote as Sophie, and I don’t think it would have been published if she hadn’t been Sophie first. Lists with This Book.

The only thing I really liked about it is was that it was in third person. Along the way she’s amassed quite the collection of stylish black suits and hats. This is my fourth Wickham book and what a stupid book! Did she even care?

Throughout the book I kept willing it to get better, but it never did. Soon, more than one family member is suspicious of Fleur’s true intentions. To ask other readers questions about The Gatecrasherplease sign up. I was also really shocked Although I like them, I’m not the biggest fan of the Shopaholic series. I love shopping a Las Vegas Sophie Kinsella. No menial job or boring suburban housewife fate for her! Fair warning that there is a somewhat graphic scene when she develops the intestinal fortitude to confront Lambert.

But people stick around. Of course, she doesn’t pause for long enough to think of how hard it is to have a crook for a mother, but money buys happiness, right?

All in xignora, the story I built up in my head even before opening up the book was better than the story itself. Madeleine Wickham Sophie Kinsella doesn’t disappoint with this book.