As Griffin is drawn to Jim, his old life falls apart. He’ll have to choose between telling the truth or writing a Hollywood ending. Publisher: Loose-ID LGBT Erotic Contenporary Series: Faith, Love & Devotion ISBN: ______. DESCRIPTION. Detective James “Jim” Shea is a. Written by Tere Michaels, narrated by JP Handler. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Review: Love & Loyalty by Tere Michaels

Gosh, this one was a bit of a tearjerker. So, yeah, again with the same voices for all characters and an almost flat performance. What i enjoyed the most about this book was the depth of the characters, they felt real to me and I genuinely liked them.

Jim feels great responsibility towards Ed, steps in to take care of him and meets Griffin. Kelly Cannon is satisfied with his life. He remains friends with Carmen’s father and when the Ed Kelly is contacted by a screenwriter and an actor that want to turn his tragic story into a movie, he asks Jim to come to their first meeting.

I was personally not looking forward to Jim and Griffin’s story, because I wanted more Evan and Matt. I swear I would turn gay if I was a guy for Jim. Neither one expected much to come out of their first date, is this a lyoalty I feel like this could have been great with more time and more development of Jim and Griffin’s relationship.

Love & Loyalty

I will be continuing on in the series of course. You gotta get ’em and keep ’em and never stop saying how much you love ’em. I review for the Guilty Indulgence Review Site.

I’d like another installment in fact. With impending doom tdre from both corners, how will this relationship bloom. Tristan Croft is the wealthy attorney who clawed his way up from the bottom to rule his own world. His latest case however has done a number on him and while it may be over its gotten way under his skin, leaving him filled with guilt about the outcome and tied to victims dying father.


Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie Narrated by: I could feel how at sea they felt, but I could also feel the lightness, the joy that began to seep into their hearts. Jul 03, Christina rated it it was ok Shelves: Hazard’s new partner, John-Henry Somerset, had been one of the worst tormentors, and Hazard still wonders what Somerset’s role was micheals the death of Jeff Langham, Hazard’s first boyfriend.

Will Mr screenplay writer be able to make it work with a cop who has been there and pretty much done that and something else. When Hollywood comes looking to make a movie out of this tragedy screen writer Griffin Drake enters the picture, seizing the opportunity as his big break to finally write something real. Sinner’s Gin Sinners, Book 1 By: Josh Lanyon Narrated by: The story surrounding the romance of the two men gives glimpses into the harsh and gritty life of a detective in the homicide department and shows the not so bright and glamorous parts of Hollywood’s film industry.

Overall, cute but nothing more. A man known to have funded ISIS, recruit fighters for Syria and coerce teenagers to martyr themselves.

You will love every bloody character you meet in this book, they all carry a wit and so much personality. This story is a little different than the first, since its not a comming out story, and i liked the first better. I’m starting to feel as if these characters are my friends.


As the plot weaves around them, its the relationship forming between Jim and Griffin that held my attention. Love and Payne By: It’s that man’s story that screenwriter Griffin Drake and his best friend, actress Michael Baylor, see as their ticket out of action blockbusters and into more serious fare. Alexander Cendese, Sean Crisden Lotalty He is talkative, humorous, outgoing, sociable and loyal to his friends.

The boy chased after the monster with revenge in his blood red eyes, leaving Ox behind to pick up the pieces. View all 8 comments. Other than the high quality writing and wonderful characterization, there are very few similarities between the stories.

Love & Loyalty – Tere Michaels

But it gets a little too fluffy and easy. They were greater characters and I enjoyed the side-stories.

Its still a good story – but since there is no soul deep sorrow in this story, the narrator stands out even more. Jim knew what he wanted and — so long as Matt was on the same page — he planned to get it. These traits serve him well with his hotshot partner, Ian Doyle, the kind of guy who can start a fight in an empty room. For Griffin it was trying to go out poyalty his own and sever the ties that were holding him back. Dec 09, Catherine rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a funny, sweet and sexy love story, about two men looking for a l 4.

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