LK Reverse Loop Module. The problem with reversing loops: Every user of 2- rail DC knows the ‘reversing loop’ blues: Including a reversing loop in a 2-rail. LENZ LK Digital reverse loop module. The LK requires no end user adjustment and is designed to handle the most complex of reverse loop situations. Reverse Loop Module – Lenz – LK Lenz Elektronik GmbH RailCom Address Display — (Use Only w/Gold Decoders, and RailCom Enabled Systems).

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Lenz GmbH LK Automatic Reverse Loop Module for NMRA DCC

Every user of 2-rail DC knows the ‘reversing loop’ blues: On conventional layouts, this leads to a problem: Get in Touch with us Lk2000. In any case, the train has to be stopped while traversing the loop.

On NMRA DCC digitally operated layouts, the direction of the train is independent from the polarity on the track, therefore, the polarity of the reversing loop can be changed without stopping the train or changing it’s direction. The LK works according to the fault lnez principle, with track polarity reversal occurring at mA fault current.


A single two-rail gap is not enough, since a passing engine will short the rail through the electrical pick-up on both sides of the gap. Wiring is very simple. One still has to ensure that the rails are not short circuited upon entry or exit of the reverse loop.

Therefore, the track has to be gapped on both sides of the reversing loop.

Lenz Reversing Loop Module Lk | eBay

While the train is in the loop, the polarity is changed, so that there is no short circuit at the exit of the loop. Usually, the polarity is selected such that there is no short circuit upon entry into the loop.

This newly developed LK module was designed to fully automate the operation of both simple and complex reversing sections.

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Two wires connect into the track in the loop and two wires go to the main line, before the gaps. There is no need for additional control connections, sensor tracks or user adjustments. Or go to the cookie policy for more information and preferences.


Including a reversing loop in a 2-rail DC layout leads lkk200 a short where the reversing loop ties into the main line. All other marks are own by their respective owners.

12200 Lenz LK200 Reverse Loop Module

This newly developed LK module was designed to fully automate the operation of both simple and complex reversing sections Wiring is very simple. Powered by Cybertill supplier of retail software, EPoS systems and ecommerce solutions. Therefore, the direction has to be changed at the power pack, too, so that the train keeps moving in the same direction. Changing the polarity in the reversing loop will change the direction of the train, since it is dependent on the polarity.

Basic Reversing Loop The only way to prevent this short circuit is to insulate both sides of the track. Check a Wish List.

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