3 days ago One phone call later and the gears were set in motion fast forward six months later and the Kroot Mercenaries are set to make their Kill Team. A subreddit dedicated to Warhammer specialist game, Kill Team. The Kroot are a fictional species in the Warhammer 40, game universe. Warhammer 40, Games Workshop UK – Kroot Mercenaries webpage.

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It’s probable that the Kroot deliberately keep their general level of technology low, using it only for weapons and interstellar travel, in order to keep their species strong.

Of course, now we have a new edition to play, but I like these models and will certainly find a way to squeeze them into my army lists. At that point, Grey Mercearies were considered ridiculously overpowered, an army I try to stay away from, and I’ve never been a fan of static gunlines, so the project never really took off.

They travel the galaxy taking limited contracts from both major and minor races, and are regularly employed by the Tau. If all goes well the rider torsos will be interchangeable to make different types of characters.

Kroot – Wikipedia

These could either be included as allies for most other armies; which had been previously hinted at in the background material in Codex: The most apparent benefits are that this sweat appears to be heat-retardant to a degree, has antibiotic properties and can cause a poorly-aimed blow to slide clear.

Smaller quills, possibly the evolutionary remnants of feathers, can be found scattered over their bodies. The quills on the head are going to end up running right into where the howdah is, so I will need to build them simultaneously just to be sure everything will fit together in the end!

Ynneadwraith Neat idea I’ve always thought that’d be the best option for making a playable Kroot army. I will probably use the plastic High Elf bolt thrower for the third model, and this will give a great sense of how the Kroot scavenge the battlefield for their weapons and why none of the three bolt throwers will be identical.


From then on the column was continually harried by the Kroot, until Colonel Griffin linked up with the Space Marines of the Scythes of the Emperor. That pledge, and the cooperation between the two races, is still honoured today.

40K RUMORS: Kroot Mercenaries Will Return – Bell of Lost Souls

Authors note – this is far more than originally presented in Chapter Approvedhowever with the changing of the editions things have become cheaper and rules more freely distributed, this is an attempt at a “Chapter Tactics” style army benefit that comes at no cost. Oaka Here are the pieces I have to build the howdah. While the contract with the Tau is supposed to be an exclusive one, the Kroot regularly send out their Warspheres to continue their mercenary trade amongst the wider cosmos.

Aetare Mefcenaries these conversions! I tried painting warpaint onto Merrcenaries armor before but didn’t like the result.

I’m glad to see this thread still going, your conversions are inspirational and it’d be a shame to see no more of your kroot. Are you gong to do winged kroot for scourges? However, the first appearance of a Kroot was in the 3rd Edition Warhammer 40, rulebook Priestley,in a sketch entitled “Other Dangerous Aliens” [2].

I’m hoping to magnetize the rider torso so I can use it as either a skyrunner psyker or a beastmaster. I’m not sure what to add to make it less clean, perhaps some battle damage and a bayonet-type blade?

LeCacty – click to view full reply. There is nothing too fancy about them, just a couple Kroot Gun torsos from the Krootox model glued to some regular Kroot legs.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Oaka I’m going to be working from the bottom up as different bits begin to arrive piecemeal. Any poor areas that stick out and need to be covered up will be done so after the tournament with extra details such as bags, supplies, and prisoners.

The jetbike will be a terradon suitably converted with Kroot details. McNeill, Graham December Also where did the bit for the Heroes’ Scythe weapon on the right come from? Trueborn were also added, to deal with enemy vehicles, which the list is extremely poor against due to the mercenwries of all dark lance options.

Are you currently working on a project from that list you posted a few posts ago? Log in and join the community. I think it’s coming together well in terms of the size of the character and the size of the tree, one doesn’t really outshine the other.


Only two weeks to finish this model to an acceptable standard, so that will probably have to wait until December. I’m not a sculptor, but was able to make several hands with different lengths of putty as the oroot and krot simple fingernail shape with a sculpting tool at the end of each finger. Oaka It’s about time that I started a blog for this army as I am beginning krooh work on it lroot a semi-consistent basis, now.

A shot of the entire unit, led by Baron Sathonyx: Thus began an extended war, both in kroto and over several planets, later named the War in the Place of Union, for it marked the first time the Tau and Kroot fought side by side. I love the models and the background, but just don’t like how competitive the game can get.

Not like them to come up with a ‘buy as little stuff as possible’ paint scheme. In that time I have added a slew of Forgeworld models, and genuinely had a great experience converting, painting, and playing the army as Kroot Mercenaries.

This model is going to be my project for the rest of the Summer, so I want to take my time and listen to all criticisms at every stage. Anyway, just wanted to say that you’ve been a huge inspiration both on Dakka emrcenaries Kompletely Kroot and I hope you plan on posting your latest projects P.

Kroot mercenaries

The first one I’ve built up is going to be a psyker, likely a farseer, so I went with the older looking Kroot head that came with the Kroot on Big Ape third party model. Plus, I always thought the dark eldar were kinda a lame army lol Mercenaies mean what’s next? It has been suggested that this article be merged into Tau Warhammer 40,