In kihon ippon kumite the basic attacks and counters are practised in a set and rigid way. With jiyu ippon kumite these basic techniques are practised in a more. 38 Tjasa EP, 39 V elementu, 40 V Indijskem oceanu, 41 V Izoli, 42 Zabava. of Kihon ippon kumite. Generated with Arles Image Web Page Creator. Traditional Shotokan Karaté. Eghezée. OK. Homepage · Le Karaté · L’art martial · L’entraînement · Le karaté et les enfants · Les examens · FAQ’s · La fédération.

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From kjhon uchi uke position the hand is always poised for a fast and powerful kizami zuki. Alternatively you could slide forward again but this time deliver migi gyaku zuki.

Shotokan Kihon Ippon Kumite – Chudan – Black Belt Wiki

The stance is also narrower as the feet are placed slightly less ip;on hip width apart. You should see all. Maximum power is achieved from a stable and strong stance. Popular content All time: Again after the kumitte it is important to shift out of range and back into kamae quickly. It allows the karateka to move easily and quickly in any direction.

You are then in a state of readiness of any further attacks GO NO SEN Go no sen involves blocking any attack strongly and then launching a counter attack. Both these attacks should be quicker than the oi zuki therefore beating your opponent to the target. This counter attack kihoon just short of the target with kime and then stops. Once the basic attacking and blocking techniques of kihon ippon kumite have been learned the student can progress to Jiyu ippon kumite.

It kibon helps to develop Zanshin awarenessMaai distancingand Unsoku movement. When one does so, it is evident that they do not, nor can, prepare one for jiyu-kumite nor self-defence.


Jodan Oi Zuki 5. With any of the above techniques it is important after delivering the counter to move out of range and back into kamae quickly.

The onboard computer continually adjusts the trim of the plane to keep it in the air in a straight line. Posted by Andre Bertel at Wednesday, April 12, Execution Method In Kihon Ippon Kumite the attacking technique and target are predetermined and attacks are launched one at a time.

Kihon Ippon Kumite . Shotokan Karate-Do . JKA

STANCES The first difference the student notices when kkihon to practise jiyu ippon kumite is the stance assumed by both the attacker and defender.

This is the element that takes the basic techniques and uses them in actual combat or fighting situations. This is the combining of the basic techniques into pre-arranged forms. This instability though makes the plane highly manoeuvrable.

Jodan Oi Zuki 1. In jiyu ippon kumite it is important to stay in a state of awareness zanshin. Go no sen involves blocking any attack strongly and then launching a counter attack.

If the plane was built to be stable in flight it would not be as effective because it would take longer to turn because of this stability. As stressed above, doing so, will inevitably compromise kihon—which immediately renders these drills useless.

Also from this position the right hand can block attacks that have passed the left hand. In go no sen you must time your block correctly with his incoming attack.

When attacking the greater importance in the ready position is the ability to read your opponent’s breathing, locate an opportunity to attack then take advantage of it. With jiyu ippon kumite these basic techniques are practised in a more practical and efficient way with more freedom to develop ones own style and fighting stance.

The right hand ku,ite back close to the abdomen lppon allows both defence and attack. Chudan Oi Zuki 3.

Shotokan Kihon Ippon Kumite – Chudan

The Kamae is a more manouverable stance than zenkutsu dachi. If you assume a left kamae the left hand will be in roughly an uchi uke position, the right hand will be back close to the abdomen.


As soon as the attack begins, the defender must simultaneously move to the proper direction while effectively blocking and assuming a proper stance and at the end, promptly deliver a counterattack. Your eyes should feel as though they are looking at an object in the distance behind the opponent.

After this kime the defender immediately moves away from the opponent back into a kamae stance, ready in case another attack occurs. During this motion, it is important to remain as relax as possible. Kumite is divided into several stages.

Kihon Ippon Kumite

In ippon kumite the student blocks the attack and then counter attacks. The hip position of the kamae is also very important. If the hips are square to the front, the whole front of the body is exposed to any attack.

This will help to train and develop the muscles used when performing the technique.

As the attacker quietly returns to Yoi, the defender moves in synchronization, inhaling while returning to Yoi and then exhaling while tightening his body. That way he will be fully committed to his technique and you will catch him off guard. This is similar in principle to a fighter plane. Navigation Information Training Contact Yahoo!

From this position using a twist of the hips klhon extremely fast and strong gyaku zuki can be executed. If you launch your attack too late it is obvious your opponent will reach their target before you do. Yoko Geri Kekomi 3. Kihon Ippon Kumite should always be practiced from both left and right sides. Subscribe via e-mail Enter your Email.