Frostbitten is the tenth novel in Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Wiki letter This article needs a plot summary. Please add one in your. Frostbitten is the eleventh book in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld fantasy series which follows the lives and adventures of a number of supernatural women. Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Review: Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong | The Book Pushers | Book Reviews | Book Chatter

Even cooler, Clay acts in character in regards to the news. Or maybe not frostbitteb old. Read it Forward Read it first. Rabid Reads Elena Michaels is my favourite Women of the Otherworld narrator and listening to her poignant point of view via audio this second time around made frostbitren love Frostbitten even more. Throughout the series our main character has grown into her skin, settled in with her mate, advanced higher in the pack, and adapted to motherhood.

But now their bond will be put to the ultimate test. Paranormal Fiction Romance Urban Fantasy. Elena relying more on herself than Clay.

Well, that’s what I imagine him as. Okay, okay, I was going to write a nice balanced review and all that, but let me start with my complaint.

Frostbitten – Kelley Armstrong

He takes steroids so his already werewolf-pumped strength will be even bigger and greater. Clay is as wonderful as ever both protecting Elena and giving her the freedom of her independence.

What I do like about this book is Elena deals with her nightmarish past. And mainly, Elena and Clay are at their best. I was glad of it, though. There were no humans here. Is that really what she wants? How can spell-casting, raising the dead, and give me a break! While the mystery of the killings is the driving point of the book, it enables Elena to work through her strengths and weaknesses as the future alpha, and she has to think of how it will effect her family and relationship with Clay.


In it Elena cements her feelings for Clay by admitting that she missed him whilst he was away, she confronts her past fears head on, and learns that she is strong enough if not quite ready to become Alpha. A werewolf more wolf than human and more unnatural than supernatural is on the hunt—a creature whose origins seem to spring from ancient legends of the shape-shifting Wendigo.

You CAN go home again! How much are the mutts responsible for? Blood Wyne Yasmine Galenorn. The plot is fast paced, filled twists and turns, surprises, new and mysterious characters, amazing setting…. So they have to find Reece and protect him, track the wolf kills and find Clay’s friends, while watching out for something much more dangerous Elena has been tracking a young mutt in need of pack protection but he does not want to be found. In this novel Elena and Clay travel to Alaska to have a talk with a young stray werewolf from Australia and visit a couple of ex-Pack members.

Both have just the right level of detail. Elena has come full circle as a character and Frostbitten really brings that to the forefront by sharing bits of her past, present and future. In addition to the half-eaten bodies that have been found, three young women have also gone missing and no trace of them has been found.


That’s not all the find there. Clay letting Elena take care of herself. THere is never enough of him.


But the truth is more complicated. Looking for More Great Reads? This couple has come such a long way admstrong I absolutely loved this journey with them!

Jul 26, Tamsin rated it really liked it Shelves: Clay is awesome, he’ll always be awesome, and we get armstronb good dose of him here. The Alaskan wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of rogue werewolves on the loose, it’s downright deadly. One thing that Lou loves most is her HEA in romances. Stay in Touch Sign up.

I liked it better than the last three. But, in this book he has sort of mellowed out. I couldn’t s I have to say that I seriously enjoyed this one.

The “couple” after all, is married with children already.

And kellley will that mean for her and Clay? Trivia About Frostbitten Wome I don’t recall about the rest. Otherworld Chills Kelley Armstrong. Description After years of struggle, Elena Michaels – journalist, investigator, werewolf – has finally come to terms with her strange fate, and learned how to control her wild side. Sounds sappy I know, but it goes down easy I swear.