I am finally ready to submit the final version of my map for keep on the shadowfell . I started this map after I got a chance to play rpg again. Keep on the Shadowfell Maps. My group downloaded and printed these for our game and they were a HUGE timesaver (and they look really. Hey, Just wondering if anyone out there has the maps for this module in Maptools ?.

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Level 1 is highlighted in red.

The Mad Mapper

The kobold tribe is known as the Clan of the Withered Arm. You’ll probably have to play with the hhe and move the grid around, but it’ll line it with a little effort.

You are commenting using your Shadoqfell account. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules. For example, both the original and revised versions of the module refer multiple times to the Burial Site being southwest of town. So here we are today with Keep on the shadowfell Level 1, 2 and 3 done.


Or somewhere that could print the same size electronic versions.

However, my table is just too small and my players blasted through the maps so fast that it really wasn’t worth the cost, so I switched to a whiteboard that my wife and I traced lines on. If someone can help me add a grid I will be very very grateful. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There was a link with all of them, but it appears to be dead and not in The Wayback Machine. The only two improvements I can identify are: So they opted to simply change the direction that the PCs are traveling pg.

Did they bother to replace these rules with the rules for walls which were supposed to be there in the first place? And you are not beholden to the module.


By properly positioning these connections, we can turn entire dungeon levels shadowwfell looping structures.

It pointed to http: It is not great but it worked for the duration of the encounter. Stay out of the links please and thank you. I have the original Keep on the Shadowfell with poster maps.

Keep on the Shadowfell Maps : DnD

shadowfll This subreddit is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. RSS feed for comments on this post.

I can’t even tell you how great it is that you made these maps! Last edited by Dirk F. I am finally ready to submit the final version of my map for keep on the shadowfell.


Arriving in Winterhaven Part 4: The former look like big Kirbies and the latter I can’t even guess. Go to Part 1 This is the complete shadowfdll of the Keep of the Shadowfell, taken from the shadowdell of the same name. The filters work on reddit mobile. Results 1 to 2 of 2.

Keep on the Shadowfell maps. Submit a new text post. Originally Posted by arsheesh. You could get a wet erase chessex gaming mat. I’d change the world, but God won’t give me the source code. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

The black arrow indicates the connection between Level 1 and Level 2 of the dungeon. Every aspect of the game, aside from the character’s actual decisions, is under your control.

These are freakin’ amazing, Great work. Keep on the Shadowfell Maps I think you can get the maps from WotC, but I’m not sure if you have to be an insider to get those.

Keep on the Shadowfell maps

All times are GMT These are for play by post Like them? Onn edited by cadric; at You have done an amazing job here.

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