Title, A sociedade aberta e seus inimigos, Volume 2. Volume 3 of Biblioteca de cultura humanística. Author, Karl R. Popper. Edition, 3. Publisher, Itatiaia. A sociedade aberta e os seus inimigos. 1. O fascínio de Platão, Volume 1. Front Cover. Karl R. Popper. Ed. Itatiaia, Title, A sociedade aberta e seus inimigos. Volume 1 of Coleção espírito do nosso tempo · Volumes of biblioteca de cultura humanista / antonio paim.

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Valorization Training Human resources and mobility. To offer a theoretical approach to the study of the political.

To know the main theories within the the political discourse of lib-dem regimes. To provide the theoretical tools in order critically to evaluate today’s politics.


A Sociedade Aberta e os Seus Inimigos — Reader Q&A

To stimulate discussion amongst students. At the end of each curricular unit the student should be able to: Recommended or required reading John Gray,Liberalismo, Lisboa: Eociedade, Isaiah Berlin, A busca do ideal, Lisboa: Itatiaia, Friedrich A. Hayek, The road to serfdom, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Michael J.

Oakeshott, Rationalism in politics and other essays, Indianapolis: Nova de Lisboa, On-line: Teaching methods At the end of the course each student should be able to: Tutorial support is available in English. Objectives and Learning outcomes of the Course Unit.

Sociedade Aberta e Seus Inimigos

Recommended or required reading. Planned learning activities and teaching methods. Assessment methods and criteria.