ITOP 4-2-601 PDF

ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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This test shall be performed simultaneously with the lock cylinder breaching test at up to 3 inches. Any restrictions will be noted.

Position the test item on the test pad with its designated front facing into the prevailing wind. Employ data obtained from the lift and tie-down attachments subtest para 4. Reduction in vehicle and trailer tire pressure to meet 4–2-601 loading requirements, if necessary. The test item shall undergo static lift testing to verify sling leg clearances and load orientation prior to flight testing.

Video itlp of forklifting, drop, and rough handling tests. Type of ship or simulation gear used. Characteristic data for current fixed-wing aircraft are presented in Appendix A.

While every effort has been made to ensure the completeness of this list, document users are cautioned that they must meet all specified requirements of documents cited in sections 3 and 4 of this specification, whether or not they are listed.

Unless otherwise specified, component parts shall be homogenous and of a ihop convenient to be inspected, tested and accepted.


Adrienne Cantler

Aircraft is constantly unstable. Engage the parking brakes on vehicles, trailers or weapon systems equipped with parking brake systems. Misfire — Due to low propellant 1. Record photograph if possible the securement method and equipment employed.

The objective of this sub test is to determine whether the test item can be transported over and off highways. Since 4-26-01 and responsibilities can change, you should verify the currency of the information above using the ASSIST Online database at http: Include supporting photographs, sketches and curves as appropriate.

Compile a list or diagram specifying the location and classification of each slinging and tie-down provision if a data plate or similar information has not been provided by the materiel developer or manufacturer. Verify by examination of objective evidence that the product baseline has been established and is complete. itol

Both the weapon and the decibel meter shall be placed approximately 5 feet above the ground. The cartridge shall be capable of being rendered safe and disposed of by EOD in all field environments. Strain measurements of stressed members may ltop taken if required. The RORO ship is primarily a vehicle transporter that allows vehicles to drive on or off the ship via ramps.

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Vehicles such as trucks and trailers. For acquisition purposes, the packaging requirements shall be as specified in the contract or order see 6. Unless otherwise specified, the issues of these documents are those cited in the solicitation or contract.


A replacement round shall be fired for test purposes. For vehicle with tracks and non-sensitive steering, 6-in. Split mouth 1 2 Major Effects of the load on the aircraft performance are significant and require constant attention from the pilot to control the aircraft.

Inspect the provisions regarding location to determine if any interferences with functioning equipment exist and that maximum accessibility is provided. The use of spreader bars is not permitted for testing purpose unless approved by SDDCTEA or the appropriate service transportability agent.

Present in narrative form any incidents or interferences noted during the loading and unloading. Note any deviations from a straight line path during the test and record the stopping distances measured.

Loose cargo packaged vibration rounds.

Full text of “DTIC ADA Test Operations Procedure (TOP): Transportability”

This matrix contains brief descriptions of the effects of critical defects that can occur in the breaching round ammunition. Requires minimal concentration by the flight crew. Description of procedure employed in securing test item for load application photographs when available.

Low propellant weight could cause a cartridge to fail to extract resulting in a projectile in bore.