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Kollaikara Pisasu Maayavi InFleetway featured the character in a number of digest-size original stories in their Stupendous Series of Super Library comics.

The Steel Claw (comics)

What a dedicated work to comics. Thanga Viral Marmam one of my favorite 8.

When I had my collection a long time ago, I had most of comics books in pristine condition, except for the original flight Because of the pressures of deadlines, these monthly titles saw a variety of different mayvi and artists employed, usually various Italian artists, most notably future AD artist Massimo Belardinelli. Comics Classics was started in late 90s to rekindle Muthu comics Nostalgia for the old timers. Atleast has seen three issues 17,18 and 19 so far as of Oct By the way, issue number 19 does not have any announcement for the next issue.

Recent announcement about taking subscription for CC should appeal to those who hate to visit the shops frequently.



In Kerala the tremendous popularity of the series triggered many rip-offs of Steel Claw. And finally here is the list and the cover scans!!!! I know about you and your information about our Comics Issues.

I am going to start recommending it to people I know interested in world comics. The best in the series for print quality is Micro Alai Varisai As of Oct19 issues have been released.

My Native is Virudhunagar. Quality and irumbbu size of the books merits a deeper discussion!!!!. I do have a special request. Of course, I now have none of those books.

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Will i get atleast old books online? Take a look at a page from this gem. However this failed to spawn any continuing series and the character again entered limbo, until it was announced in that DC Comics would be using the character along with a number of other IPC characters, in a six issue mini-series called Albion.

For more about the Fleetway Muthu link visit here. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Atleast why he has selected the story, how was the response when it was first released, etc etc.

mayavo Reprints further appeared in Barracuda – 9 issues published. Characters appeared so far in the CC are: This was followed by a one-off special featuring The Steel Clawamongst other s characters, which was created by various AD creators of the time.


What can make CC more interesting? After retiring from the Shadow Squad, Louis Crandell became a detective, and then a bounty hunter, before distrust of mayvi past eventually led him to go to South America, where he continued to fight crime. Hopefully the fourth CC for the year is released before Dec making it an ideal year for CC.

As the editor is giving his input in the other two regulars Muthu and Lionhe should also give some background nayavi about the CC as well. The character was revived in for Albiona six issue mini-series published by mauavi Wildstorm imprint of DC Comics. Also, the front and back covers of the original Manjal poo marmam, and beirutil johnny were fabulous. I would like to collect the comics books again.

This was mayvi by his appearance in AD Actionwhere Crandell was portrayed as a burnt out government assassin. Steel Claw containing a different weapon in each finger, the Claw was also remote controlled. Steel Claw was published in Finland in the early s, firstly in a series of digest-sized pocket booksand then as part of the “Sarjakuvalehti”, which had three or four different stories each month.