Authors: Julian B. Rotter. Publication date (Print): Journal: American Psychologist. Publisher: American Psychological Association (APA). Public Attitudes Toward the Trustworthiness, Competence, and Altruism of Twenty Selected A new scale for the measurement of interpersonal trust. in. Search for ‘ti:”Interpersonal trust, trustworthiness and gullibility”‘ at a library near you.

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Locus of control in personality. An historical and theoretical analysis of broad trends in clinical psychology. A study of the motor integration of stutterers and non-stutterers. Rotter’s social learning theory. Some views on effective principles of psychotherapy.

The psychological situation in social learning theory.

Interpersonal Trust, Trustworthiness, and Gullibility

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Julian B. Rotter (October 22, – January 6, ) – Steven A. Miller’s Website

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