Psicología de la Personalidad. 2. Trabajó al principio sobre inteligencia, proponiendo la existencia de una inteligencia fluida y una inteligencia cristalizada. Raymond Cattell. xilenasanchezpallares. Raymond Cattell. La distinción entre inteligencia fluida y cristalizada. Xilena Y. Sánchez P. Biografía. Nació 20 de. A inteligência fluida foi medida pelo teste das Matrizes Progressivas de Raven e pelo Cattell’s free-culture test, a inteligência cristalizada foi medida pela Escala.

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Return to KudoZ list. The first level of the model refers to the relationship between ability as test performance output measured directly and Neuroticism and Extraversion, while the second level of model refers to relationship between ability as a latent variable which refers immeasurable capacity and Conscientiousness and Openness to new experiences.

Measures that are established by dynamic intelligence testing are additional explanatory constructs that can contribute to the explanation of the relation between personality and intelligence. You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for ceistalizada who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them.

Personality and Individual Differences, 32Self-reported personality and school achievement as predictors of teachers’ perceptions of their students.

Horn y Cattell: inteligencia fluida y cristalizada (16)

Relationships between ability and personality: Dynamic Assessment in Practice; Clinical and educational applications.

The study was conducted on a group of cristalkzada of the sixth grade of five elementary schools in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. These pre-scientific theories doubtless contained insights which still surpass in refinement those depended upon by psychiatrists or psychologists today.

The Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale cattelo the assessment of the ability to store and recall information and knowledge that is accumulated over time by the individual from experiences at home, school, or in the environment iinteligencia therefore is based on the extensive use of declarative knowledge.


A modulator factor comes into action only when the usual ordinary ‘focal stimulus’ comes into the orbit of a set of role cues which we may call the ‘ambient’ or surrounding stimulus. Vote Promote or demote ideas. Educational and Child Psychology14So I think you’ll have to go with the same term in the translation, because that must be the specific intellectual background of the text.

European Journal of Personality, 17Time-limited situation such as it was during administration of Cattel’s testor situation when external evaluation occurred such as it was inteligenci cognitive trainingcould produce higher anxiety, which, on the other side, affects processing efficiency and lower test performance.

We assume that Extraversion is positively and Psychoticism negatively correlated with investment in intellectual activities, and thereby also with the intelligence development. Extraverted persons cattell more successful in time-limited tests, while the introverts were more successful in those tasks that were not time-limited and needed introspection.

Inteligencia Fluida e Inteligencia Cristalizada by Sumara Otero on Prezi

Personality correlates of academic seminar behaviour: In general, the results obtained in our research are consistent with the findings of other studies that determined moderate correlations between personality traits and intelligence. Budoff in his research on children with low IQ showed that children with greater learning potential are more sociable, show greater motivation for accomplishment, and are less rigid and impulsive than the children with similar IQ but with lower learning potential.

Spearman reported that general intelligence was positively related to a number of ”character” traits, such as perseverance, conscientiousness, cheerfulness.

The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with translations or explanations of terms and short phrases. Como citar este artigo. Models and paradigms in personality and intelligence research. British Journal of Psychology, 95Personality and Individual Differences, 15Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.

According to investment hypothesis derived from Cattel’s investment theory and elaborated in detail by Snow and Ackerman, personality traits can have long-term effects on intellectual abilities development, especially on crystallized intelligence.


Psychologist Raymond Cattell first proposed the concepts of fluid and crystallized intelligence and further developed the theory with John Horn. Results obtained in our research show that the lay scale is related to crystallized intelligence, while in the combination with Psychoticism, it is related to fluid intelligence as well.

Studies on relationship between personality and intelligence supervene from the necessity of integration of conative, affective and cognitive domain with the aim of more spacious explanation and more accurate prediction of human behavior in different social situations.

Perfectamente explicado ; Y efectivamente, los tests verbales aluden a esa inteligencia cristalizada. Child Development65Measures for assessing learning potential.

Inteligencia fluida e cristalizada

Fluia, Classification, Matrices, and Topology. Traits and knowledge as determinants of learning and individual differences: On the other side, students who are more sociable, could be more accepted by their teachers, and their activity in school context leads them in more favorable position for cognitive development than introverts.

Inconsistencies in the relationship between psychometric intelligence and Extraversion are still far from clear understanding and remain an interesting topic of research for differential psychologists. Results of our study suggest that the Extraversion is the investment trait, and that is related to intelligence per se, at least among younger adolescents.

Relation of personality dimensions to social and intellectual factors in children.

Personality in primary schoolchildren. Bereiter states that the simple difference cannot be simultaneously reliable and valid. Thanks in advance for your help!