If there are any open questions regarding the use of install4j, please check out its In our blog, we have published a three step tutorial based on a real-world. With the API, it is possible to create extensions for install4j that add user- configurable screens, actions and form components to the install4j IDE. The following. Help topics present important concepts in install4j. They are not necessarily tied to a single configuration step. Help topics are recommended reading for all.

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This tutorial shows the various features offered by install4j 5. In its current version 3.

ej-technologies blog Tutorial

But install4j is able to build much more powerful installers and Java launchers than these free products. From the previous matrix, I download the Setup Executable 21 MB for bit Windows and double-click on the installer icon once the file was downloaded. Installing install4j already gives an idea of its abilities because the installer was of course built with install4j itself.

From the license agreement, installation directory selection to license key entry and auto-update configuration, the 10 steps that following look familiar compared to other installers.

At first launch, Windows Firewall asks me to let install4j use the network to check its license key. I accept to ensure all features of install4j will work. Then the main screen of install4j appears and shows the various features offered to create an installer. In the Languages tab, I keep English as the principal language and add all the languages supported by Sweet Home 3D found in the list just missing Bulgarian and Vietnamese.

There are all kind of variables available in install4j you can even create your own if needed and you can select them in many text fields by clicking on the Insert variable button the arrow button that appears behind them.

Now I choose files that should be included in the distribution by clicking on the Files icon below the General Setting one. These files could be assembled by invoking the appropriate Ant target in the build. I launch this program and install the files in C: Program Files x86 Sweet Home 3D 3.

install4j Download – install4j tutorial [2015]

Once instaall4j existing installer finished, I have to include the jar and license files in the distribution tree of install4j. These files are indicated in blue in the following list:. Clicking on the Insert button the green plus buttonI choose the Add Files and Directories option. Program file x86 Sweet Home 3D 3. I also have to include the javaws. I insert this file as as a Single file type and to make it appear in the lib subdirectory among other jar files, I insert a new folder named lib where I drag and drop the javaws.

All these files and directory finally appear in the list of the Define Distribution Tree tab. This will launch a wizard used to create a launcher. As I want to generate a new launcher to test install4j features, I keep the Generate launcher option selected. Then I give application name and the directory where it should appear. In the Advanced Options list, I choose Windows version info and check the Generate version info resource to get correct values in the file properties dialog box of the future launcher.


I let install4j replace Product name install44j File version fields and enter values in Internal nameFile install4n and Legal copyright text fields, using some existing variables. The Icon third step install4j to choose an icon for the program. I select Add ijstall4j to launcher option, and configure the program icons at 3 different sizes and add them to the Cross-Platform Image File list. The Java invocation steps shows rutorial required to run a Java application.

I enter program main class com. SweetHome3D and enter -open in Arguments text field because Sweet Home 3D expects this selector before any file passed as an argument.

ej-technologies blog My first try with install4j

Now I need to complete the Class path list, which accepts individual jar files, directories containing jar files, directories containing. As I keep all the jar files in the lib subdirectory, I click on the Insert button, select the Scan directory option and enter lib directory. The VM options file step offers an interesting option to the end users who can change default VM parameters in case they need it.

As Sweet Home 3D uses a few System properties and may require more memory to run, I keep the default Copy template file with explanations for user selected. Finally, in the Splash screen step, I can choose the splash screen image that should be displayed during program launch. Once the Launcher wizard is finished, a new launcher icon is added to Launchers screen to let you change launcher settings later. The Installer screen describes the various screens that will be displayed to the end user during program installation and uninstallation.

The screens in the default template will show six screens from Welcome screen to Finish screen.

To add the new screens, I click on the Insert button and choose Add Screen tutoria, the popup menu. Once I select Display license agreement item, I definitively know that screen has some good chances to be the one I look for from its Description displayed below. I click on OK and the new screen is automatically inserted after the Welcome screen, just at the right place I wanted it to appear!

I now enter missing values in the screen tutoriial list displayed at the right. I edit the License file property and install4j lets me choose it either as a file packaged with the installer or coming from installed files. I click again on the Insert button to add a File associations screen and select File associations item in the Select an Installation Screen dialog box. inxtall4j

Once I click on OK, intsall4j warns me that the File associations screen requires one or more File association actions to work.

I close the warning message. The File associations screen is added between Create program group and Installation screens, and I check Show selection buttons property to speed up user choice. As Sweet Home 3D has 5 file associations, these buttons will let him or her to select or deselect them with one click. As file associations should be made only after the executable that handles them is installed, I select the Installation screen in the tree, then I click on the Insert button to add the instalo4j action.

For the action that should launch Sweet Home 3D at the end of the installation process, I select the Finish screen, click on the Insert button and select Add action. Once I click on OK, install4j asks me whether I want to add a check box to the Finish screen that will will let the user choose to launch the program or not.


install4j 5.0.8 Build 5311 Tutorials

I accept and in the properties list of the Execute launcher action, I finally choose SweetHome3D as the launcher to run. This will launch a wizard to configure a Media file. As I prefer an executable installer, I choose Windows in the Installer type combo box. The installer is now ready to be built. I click on Build icon and then on Start Build button. After 60 seconds, the installer is generated, and my first surprise is than the generated SweetHome3D This is probably due to Pack compression algorithm.

I double-click on the new installer icon to launch it and get the expected installation screens sequence. With install4j you can easily create an installer and launcher for your Java application. Even if there are many steps in this installer wizard, you really feel install4j takes you by the hand to the right target.

When i am trying to install my application set up file on another machine then it shows message “The install4j wizard could not find a Java TM Runtime Environment on your system Please locate suitable bit JRE”. Then there is no suitable Java installed on that machine. Please contact support for these types of problems.

HI Thanks for this great tutorial, how can i add a command to checkout the svn code to the installation directory, i’m sure tutoriall is from Launchers tab but it did’t work for me.

I tried the same application with above steps but getting below error: This means that your classpath is not set up correctly. Please contact support ej-technologies. A tutorial for beginners This tutorial shows the various features offered by install4j 5. Downloading and installing install4j install4j can be downloaded from this page. The tree shown on the left contains also some actions represented with a gear icon window and by custom icons like the one for the Startup action.

An action is simply one or more statements tutoriwl preprogrammed ones or custom ones programmed in Java that the installer should run during the installation. Pritom Kumar Mondal July 30th, Nice one. Ingo Kegel November 21st, Then there is no suitable Java installed on that machine. Anonymous February 6th, When i am trying to install my application Publisher showing is “Unknown” Reply. Akram Kamal October 25th, HI Thanks for this great tutorial, how can i add a command to checkout the svn code to the installation directory, i’m sure it is from Launchers tab but it did’t work for me.

Ttutorial a million, Akram Reply. Ramachandran Rathinam March 1st, This comment has been removed by the author. Ramachandran Rathinam March 1st, Can you please help me to fix this issue. Avdhesh August 16th, I tried the same application with above steps but getting below error: Ingo Kegel August 16th, This means that your classpath is not set up correctly. Showing 1 to 5 out of 15 comments.

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