Get right into it: I have a background image at dpi and high resolution x I am trying to right text with something simple such as. Trying to convert a TIF file to a rasterized EPS file using “convert -density test. tif “. But Photoshop prompts the resolution when I. I’m aware that the rasterization takes place which is where the problem fundamentally lies, however is there anything more that can be done to.

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Text antialiasing, poor file conversion Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface.

Usage questions are like “How do I use ImageMagick to create drop shadows? Files can be seen in the “imagick” folder here: Use a blur perhaps?

The text quality is visibly poor in the resulting file, see “imagick” folder above. I’ve been working with this project since the start of the year and have progressed quite a way with converting between postscript-type files, namely PDFs.



I’ve noticed however that there are significant differences in the rendering of text compared to images. Images render fine, texts degrade much quicker at lower densities. I’m aware that the rasterization takes place which is where the problem fundamentally lies, however is there anything more that can be done to make it more smooth for text when being processed?

I’ve noticed particularly at lower densities eg. Any help would be appreciated.

Ghostscript makes the rasterization. You can change the handling of the elements that are antialiased. But some things are simply not antialiased at all with Ghostscript.

Rasterized Text – ImageMagick

I think that rasteize fonts are antialiased. But other vector graphics are not – or not always? I’ve been looking for an alternative to manage the vector files and haven’t come across anything suitable, GIMP on the command line was all that I came across. But the jagged edges of the text will be gone. If you have problems with specific PDFs, you could upload an example.

Rasterization is an issue however not at low density due to PDFs being for email delivery. Anyway, this method is mainly for vectorial elements that can be rasterized at a higher density and then get downsized and the downsizing does some sort of antialiasing.


How to output a raster EPS? – ImageMagick

But this last PDF is solely made out of images already rasterized, stored with a simple RLE compression – with no vectorial text at all. The best thing you can do with such a PDF is to just ‘rasterize’ it again with the source density dpi in your case. You could probably test some things to reduce the jagged edges blurring or something like thatbut personally, I would stay with the unmodified source images.

If you resize the dpi images to a lower resolution, the jagginess will also be a bit reduced of course. Example – the 5th page at dpi: