Use the options below to zoom in to a specific location. Click on the features in the map for additional information. Select a Game Land. Show Only with Dove. Watts discovered squirrel hunting on the Hyco Game Lands by coincidence. He was participating in a winter turkey hunt there and saw squirrels everywhere. Looking for some info on these game lands. Bird numbers, good areas, areas to avoid etc Ill be doing some field work for my company in that.

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Some are home to squirrel nests that are readily apparent, but others simply hide squirrels as temporary shelter when they spot approaching hunters.

I just tie a piece of quarter-inch line around the barrel and stock and put it over my shoulder. These two counties have high hunting pressure, resulting in high antlered buck harvests considering their relatively small areas of huntable habitat. This statistic is the number of bucks harvested per square mile of habitat where hunting and hunting regulations can affect the deer population. Hunters took deer 56 fewer laand in including 78 bucks 21 fewer on the upper unit and 50 more including bucks 26 more on the lower unit.

In District 1, Bertie, Hertford and Gates counties have excellent deer habitat along the Chowan River and have a good mix of farmland byco forestland on the uplands. Hunters harvested 58 more deer from Nantahala, including 87 more bucks.

Hyco Game Land on Powderhook

Madison County has lots of acreage in Pisgah Game Land. These counties have large areas dedicated to timber and agriculture. Hunters should also check into permit hunts at Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge, which produces some nice bucks.


Turkey guns also make good squirrel guns.

‘Person-al’ Secrets

Hhco took deer from the game land, including antlered bucks. The 14,acre Green River Game Land produced 69 23 fewer deer, including 45 three fewer antlered bucks. When the squirrel takes off, your partner is the one most likely to get a shot. Pisgah hunters harvested 62 more deer, including 72 more antlered bucks. Another good place to try are the two northern parcels along the Virginia border.

Hyco/Mayo Game Lands | North Carolina Hunting and Fishing Forums

Because it seems unlikely that 19 deer were killed on lane 30 acres, it is likely that some hunters reported tht they were hunting “Chowan Game Gamme when in fact they were hunting the similarly named — but much larger — Chowan Swamp Game Land. The antlered buck harvest of 73, was down Polk County is always the best buck-producing county in District 9 because it consists mainly of foothills habitat rather than the steeper mountain terrain of other district counties.

Wildlife Resources Commission oand enact a number of regulations that might change the buck-to-doe ratio in the harvest. If you follow them upstream, you will find they are covered with hardwoods and full of squirrels.

Subscribe Today and Save!!! This ratio is similar to previous seasons; was the last time that more than half the deer hunters decided to shoot were bucks. Switching out heavy turkey loads for light charges of No. The best hunting is probably around the After Bay. Teague also mentioned the restricted firearms zone and archery zones, due to their proximity to housing developments. He said there is a lot of deer-hunting pressure at both Hyco and Mayo game lands, but a small-game hunter may never see another squirrel hunter.


Chris Teague is another Commission employee who worked at the Caswell Depot before moving to the Butner Depot recently. Whether that will help in recruiting and retaining hunters remains to be seen. The game land produced 17 deer including 10 antlered bucks. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the changes.

Click here for more Content. Watts said the Hyco After Bay area holds the most gray squirrel habitat.

There are lots of mixed hardwoods and pines, but there are also plenty of oak-hickory ridges, which are even are better for squirrels.

Some hunters continue asking the N. Hunters with access to good public squirrel woods often kept their hunting territories a tight-lipped secret and posted any property under their control against trespass. Croatan hunters reported killing deer fewer than in including bucks 46 fewer than in Another proposal is an extension of the two-buck rule in effect for the piedmont and mountains to coastal districts.

North Carolina Mike Marsh – October 21, Mayo Game Land’s 7, acres produced 33 six more deer, including 21 one more antlered bucks.

All hunters, regardless of age, must have a hunter safety certificate. Wildlife Resources Commission is attempting to increase lans recruitment and retention through expansion of the hunting season dates for gray and red squirrels. Bobby Davidson with an Inch North Carolina hoss. Bladen County borders the Cape Fear River and the river’s floodplain has excellent deer habitat that is well known for producing heavily antlered bucks.