This manual contains information relating to the installation, operation, performance testing, calibration, and service of the HP A Multimeter. The information. The HP A has seven functions with 3% to 6% digits of resolu- tion, extendable to 7% .. (). Opt Extra Operating and Service Manual. +$ Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A Operating Instructions Manual, Service Manual.

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HP 3457A Manuals

HP A digital out-guard section Theory of operation, how things work Heart of the meter, ADC built using same principle as A, but now majority of critical components switches, comparator, current setting resistor networks, logics and clock tree is embedded in proprietary hybrid ASIC U So I got idea to prevent running this procedure for intermediate testing. Options And Accessories Replaced opamps with collet sockets Situation with U is more difficult, as I got only single-channel version ADA but original TL is dual opamp component.

Offset Test Limits Plug-in Assenlbly Installation Dc Current Gain Calibration This stable 2V level supplied to voltage-current converter around Ua,Q with current setting by resistor R Ac Convertor Frequency Response Adjustment Diodes CR, CR ensure operation of the current mirror with their voltage drop.


Direct Mail Order System Rear Terminal Offset Test Modifications log Thermal sensor and mounting location: Calibration procedure for balancing does not adjust anything, it just shorts input amplifier input and measure if the output voltage is in spec, higher or lower than spec.


Also each function and mode can be configured either from front panel or remotely over GPIB interface. For 30 V and V additional These auxiliary circuits do not affect noise performance of the ADC.

Connect mains power cable back to meter, turn it on and leave it to warm-up for at least an hour. Remaining two LED s had current limited by inline resistor, insulated and hidden by thermal-shrink tube. Hope this can be helpful for other HP A owners.

A Digital Multimeter [Obsolete] | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Electronic input terminal switching Image Optional Plug-in Assembly Removal Also as bonus HP promoted ability to get 7th digit from special register access. Rear side of the LCD have metal shield, which is obviously not transparent.

This is little tricky. On alternating voltage, A is much weaker than older A. HP A digital out-guard section.

File:HP 3457A operating manual.pdf

HP A rear view on modified screen Result at night. Base range, which is 3.


COTO relay for front end. There is possibility to save and recall multiple operation modes with all function settings, even after power cycle. Operational Verification Tests This is good, even though mxnual as impressive as HP A tweaking.

Additional temperature sensor and output BNC port for it. Dc Voltage Function Second, similar adjustment procedure should be performed in diagnostics mode 2, to correct AC frequency flatness for input divider.

And calibration of that meter is very expensive, to let such mistakes pass by. Calibration coefficients are stored in SRAMwhich is powered even if instruments powered off, with help of on-board lithium battery. Hp34577a A front face. Modifications for A input amplifier. Connection should not break if you just apply some force to the cable, big enough to lift the meter edge from the table.

Hp4357a of article must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions, link to this page https: Dc Volts Linearity Calibration It was common problem in other instrument HP Areading incorrect resistances when connections were loose.