Get Instant Access to Hojas De Hierba Leaves Of Grass Bilingafae By Walt Whitman Jorge Luis. Borges #dbc [KINDLE PDF EBOOK EPUB]. Read Download. Hojas de hierba recoge la casi totalidad de la obra de Walt Whitman. Creemos que el hecho de que el gran escritor sudamericano J. L. Borges prologue. Hojas de hierba (Traducción de Jorge Luis Borges). Walt Whitman.

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No eBook available Amazon. I was Walt Whitman. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Whitman’s attentions turned almost exclusively to that conflict. Hojas de qalt recoge la casi totalidad de la obra de Walt Whitman.

Account Options Sign in. Not only this, often the poetic voice and the person of the poet are believed to be speaking as one. The line where the old man idly looks at himself in the mirror.

A prolific writer of essays, short stories, and plays, Borges’s concerns are perhaps clearest in his stories. Extremely fond of the opera, he used his press pass to spend many evenings in the theater. Much of his work deals with people’s efforts to find the center of the labyrinth, symbolic of achieving understanding of their place in a mysterious universe. They shake themselves free from rant and bombastic audacities and rise into the clear air of major poetry. The briefest of overviews concerning literary imitation was provided; and, we discussed how the response poem to Whitman seems to be unique in the history of literature.

That the author and the figure of the poet are not the same thing. This can be seen in their long lines, in the conversational tone of their work, in their direct use of Whitman often as a critique of U.

A distance is necessary, both for the sake of our art and what it takes to perfect it and for the sake whotman our psyche and what it takes to protect it. The whitmann was self-published Whitman probably set some of the type himselfand despite his efforts to publicize it – including writing his own reviews – few people read it. Walt Whitman – maximo cantor del Yo, del cuerpo humano, del sexo, de la fraternidad universal, de la igualdad democratica; profanador insigne de todas las convenciones de forma y de lenguaje; ignorado, combatido y exaltado por sus contemporaneos – es considerado hoy el poeta whitma de Norteamerica, cuya obra, profundamente renovadora, se ha convertido en fuente de inspiracion permanente para las nuevas generaciones.


His poetry is rough, colloquial, sweeping in its vistas – a poetic equivalent of the vast land and its varied peoples. The title announces that it takes place in Camden, in The presumption made by the reader is that the poetic voice is being honest with itself and with the public in what it says.

He is not a querulous child fussing at a parent.

Hojas de hierba / Walt Whitman ; traducción Jorge Luis Borges | Jorge Luis Borges | Pinterest

I was a champion. He continued as wnitman hospital volunteer throughout the war, nursing other wounded soldiers and borgss as a benevolent father-figure and confidant. Hojas de hierba Walt Whitman Lumen- pages 1 Review https: Two years later, he was fired for opposing the expansion of slavery into the west. What I did not get to are the ironists. By the time he was 15, Whitman was living on his own in New York City, working as a printer and writing short pieces for newspapers.

Also, politically engaged poetry is itself often sincere. Creemos que el hecho de que el gran escritor sudamericano J. He hears his voice speak this: He left school when bojas was 11 years old to take a variety of jobs. El domingo y su tedio.

Whitman, Borges, and Ironic Detachment

When he first started, he was a member of the Ultraist movement, a group squarely centered in the avant-garde that strove for a pure, hard, image driven poetry that broke away from traditional Spanish versification. Inafter the fall of Juan Peron, whom he vigorously opposed, he was appointed director of the Argentine National Library. In spite of Borges’s belief that people cannot understand the chaotic world, he continually attempted to do so in his writing.


Not only are there a large number of poems that address Whitman as literary predecessor, countless poets write in a vein they consider to be Whitmanic. Cobo Borda Snippet view – Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

The end is nigh. References to this book Borges enamorado: There are some Latin American poets whose relationship to Whitman is obvious: After seeing his reflection in a mirror, the subject acknowledges that death is immanent, follows that statement with a boast about his own poetry, before concluding: William Reeder, Camden, New Jersey, Casi no soy, pero mis versos ritman la vida y su esplendor.

And the old gent, is weak and white and in his well-kept place, a humble room.

Unos anos antes, enJose Marti habia presentado la obra de Whitman en hojzs mundo de habla espanola. None of this is Borges. There are actually two revelations: He draws an intimate portrait of an old man, tired, near death, in his room on a Sunday morning.

Borges, though known in the U. He also has a chapbook of translated poems: Ociosamente mira su cara en el cansado espejo. Dreamtigers is considered a masterpiece.