GURPS Low-Tech and GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors deliver GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor offers defenses against both these. Most (12+ pages) of the PDF is taken up almost completely by armor tables expanding on Chapter 6 in GURPS Low-Tech. In that work, rules. GURPS Low-Tech is a sourcebook for the GURPS tabletop roleplaying Fans may want to download GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor, an expansion with.

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Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Review the loadouts in LTA and let them inform your decisions. The information on the military history, siegecraft, and warships would be useful in any campaign that involves historically accurate warfare.

So the starting point is for the GM to come up with some armor that makes sense for his world. Philosophers and Kings for information on the social tools that made the pre-modern tools possible, including additional information on medicine, mathematics, and music. Pre-calculated piecemeal armor options make any gamer’s life easier.

Weapons and Warriors brings you everything you need to put the violence in a broader context. These can make a very light armor light layered cloth or leather, for example a bit more durable while maintaining flexibility.

You sacrifice the flexibility, but also eliminate the reduced effectiveness against crushing damage. Preview of the PDF. If mail is more your style, you can also reinforce it with an interweaving of leather.


Welcome to armir Past! A favorite of mine is reinforcing textiles and leather. And started a full third of them. Low-Tech starts with the basics that suit any setting.

Materials and Modifications Tables. There you go, a suit of heavy plate armor. I don’t know that it knstant for – it might be more of a level class – but I could see it falling under Melee Academy.

Privacy Policy Contact Us. A concise rundown of how fighting evolved from the days of stone axes to the era of pike, shot, and cannon. The Art Of War The master warrior doesn’t simply snatch up his sword and hurl himself into battle. Written by William H.

Notably, these are the backs of the knees, inside the elbows and the armpits, and the eye slits. Douglas Cole January 22, at 7: Written by William H.

GCA Repository

Gamers after ultimate realism can track each item’s state of repair down to the last Hit Point. GURPS Low-Tech covers the basic tools used by historical adventurers from the Stone Age to the Age of Sail gups and still used by modern survivalists and post-apocalypse survivors when the high-tech toys fail.

Daily Life and Economicsyou can bring life to your low-tech settings by detailing the everyday instamt that make the world run.

I, myself, have probably participated in half of them. Whether the heroes are cavemen taking their first steps toward civilization, pirates on the Seven Seas, or anything in between, GURPS Low-Tech has the technology they need! Weapon and Armor Design. Vehicle stats for early naval vessels, from penteconters to frigates. Once you see these lists broken down, you can make gurls choices about which armor works where.


So, the ideal layering to avoid the penalty is half of each limb and the instznt, with nothing on the torso, hands or feet.

Warehouse 23 – Warehouse 23

Battles are hard on gear. Answers to a variety of questions, from “How much does it cost to armor only my vitals? Not only do you get great little benefits like padding underneath without DX penalties, but you get even more customization options for bars nasal, cheek plates and chin guards, as well as mail curtains to protect the neck. Practical guidelines for getting infantry, cavalry, and naval forces from A to B. Privacy Policy Contact Us. The benefits instanh layering added DR are quickly met with drawbacks.

Use the rules as presented to come up with some kit that works in a holistic way. Shipping will resume January 2nd, LT adds a new optional rule for those that want realism in their armor that says that with rigid armor, there are several locations where those qrmor can be targeted and bypass all armor entirely. StoddardMatt RiggsbyPeter V.