Editorial Reviews. Review. Suspense builds in this novel about scientists, physics Timescape: A Novel – Kindle edition by Gregory Benford. Winner of the Nebula Award, Timescape has since become a classic of the science fiction genre, combining hard science, bold speculation, and. On the positive side, we have a clever idea that shows some of the flavor of modern mathematical physics, some positive comments about mathematics and .

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The team of the future faces constant constraints in their work due to top-down limitations imposed by a council who allocate scarce resources to what they view as the “most practical” science dealing with the disaster; and this physics experiment is perhaps rightfully viewed as a long shot. And here, Benford attempts elegance with his sexism: Contributed by “Nazidlav” “I disagree about the racism part; Markham makes it clear that he realizes the implied racism of his observation.

I’ve read a couple other books by Benford, so I took a shot. But there’s no control.

And the sending-messages-through-time plot, the core of the book, actually doesn’t work very well. I advise people go and read any of those instead.

Each one has a few distinguishing quirks, This book has been called “hard science fiction” by some reviewers as a way to emphasize the accuracy of the author’s hard science and to excuse the book’s problems as a novel. Here again the main characters are scientists, who observe what appears to be a message they can’t explain.

It falls apart a bit because there are maybe too many ideas, too many strands of thought and speculation – time travel, time paradoxes, multiple universes, the nature of time, of reality, of causation, unpredictable outcomes, environmental myopia and so forth.

  ASTM D6377 PDF

Being from Southern California, I’ve been to La Jolla many times and the descriptions of the location in the early ‘s was pretty cool. Renfrew continues to send out signals including the more coherent one that Gordon receives until the building’s generator gives out.

After nearly pages, I had to give up. The book is set in two time periods — the first is in La Jolla, CA at UC San Diego, where physicist ordon Bernstein and his graduate assistant Albert Cooper discover mysterious interference in their experiments on spontaneous resonance relating to indium. Which brings me to the part women play in the book. Pocket Books used the title of this book for their science fiction imprint.

Kennedy must be the most resurrected person in history second to Jesus: Bridging the two cultures of scientists and humanists, it provides an intriguing vision of reality suggested by contemporary physics, and also an absorbing portrayal of people facing challenges both scientific and personal.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oscillating back and forth in time, Timescape opens in Oxford with the discovery of technology that can send faster than light tachyons back in time.

I timescaep I would timescapee enjoyed every single other nomination that year more than I did this book. I don’t buy that. The messages being sent back in time are meant to give scientists a head start on the pesticide problem. There is a Couldn’t get through it We don’t understand why she stays with Gordon, who basically ignores her. Jun 29, Joy Pixley rated it liked it.

Another complaint I have is all the name dropping of s California scientists, who mostly look approvingly on the main character.



First published init’s well written and more than holds its own over time. Having built a solid case, Bernstein goes public and publishes his results. The multiverse stuff I’ve heard before, but considering timeescape was published init probably predates most of the other stuff I’ve read.

I think if some of the roads not taken had been taken, I would have enjoyed the book a whole lot more. The lives of grebory characters outside of their timescaape endeavors, their wives, girlfriends, coworkers, friends, allows you to identify with them as real people.

Newer Post Older Post Home. There are also sections I thought were clunky. A young assistant researcher at a California university, Gordon Bernstein, notices strange patterns of interference in a lab experiment.

Speculiction Review of Timescape by Gregory Benford

The scientists whose work stemmed from the signal are honored, including Bernstein, who receives the Enrico Fermi Prize for his discovery of the tachyon. Alas, I didn’t get much, which leads to my last complaint.

Many thanks in advance! After wading through all that characterization, I wanted some resolution. It follows a group of people in I think who need to communicate with someone in in order bebford save the world by changing past events.

The scientific explanation for this communication is quite believable. This future world is experiencing economic, political, and increasingly environmental catastrophes. A scene shortly afterwards features the Renfrews hosting a lavish dinner.