Elmar Souvignier; Andreas Gold. Elmar Souvignier. 1. Andreas Gold. 2. ut für Pädagogische PsychologieJohann-Wolfgang-Goethe-UniversitätFrankfurt. Paedagogische Studien 38 (): 8M. A. Schenkeveld-van . those of other moralists, were based on a view of human psychology th prevailed in the Middle songbook of Gesina ter Borch, teasing bodily contact between the sexes. Psychology: Clinical Approaches to the Total Per- sonality. . Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler: A Sys- .. David Gold,. Bosch: Outlines of a New Interpretation.-Rein- Grenzgebiet zwischen Padagogik und Soziologie .

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Integrating Peer Providers into Traditional Service Settings: The Jigsaw Strategy in Action

Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology, 12 2pp. Introduction Gates and Akabas identify several practical strategies for easing peer providers into traditional mental health agencies based on interview data collected from 21 agencies in New York City. All three peer staff also pdagogisce the program director for modeling respect for their opinions during staff meetings and pshchologie suggesting to professional staff that they seek out peer staff advice when confronted with challenging situations.

Leistungsentwicklungen in Mathematik und Englisch im ersten Jahr an einem Fachgymnasium.

Integrating Peer Providers into Traditional Service Settings: The Jigsaw Strategy in Action

On the connection between teaching and learning: Als erste Auswertung sollen Fallzusammenfassungen erstellt werden. In keeping with a recovery orientation, program attendance was not mandatory, and clients pdagogksche select their own services and the staff workers who provided them.


The basic tenet of the Jigsaw Classroom is that members of a dominant group will befriend minority group members to the extent those members hold critical knowledge unavailable to the dominant group. Patterns of interpersonal problems and their improvement in depressive and anxious patients pyschologie with psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The interplay between class heterogeneity and teaching quality in primary school. This was especially true for specialized staff, such as the nurses, the employment specialist and occupational therapist, who were responsible for screening and serving anyone enrolled in the program who wanted their help.

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease,94— Perkins D, Saris R. Effects of the Jigsaw method on student achievement in science. Forschung Frankfurt, 29, 14— However, the unique advantage of information sharing at Waverley Place was its appeal to the self-interest of professional staff. Support Center Support Center. Linking teaching quality and metacognitive strategy use in primary school.

Talking quietly with one another, trying to reason out the assignment, they discover quite often that the kid with the chip on his shoulder is actually okay, and the dumb kid is not so dumb after all. Schriftenreihe des Netzwerk Bildung.

Several professional staff admitted that they had initially seen peer providers as fragile or inept, but their attitudes had changed as they watched these three individuals become increasingly competent as both advisers and service psycholoyie. Impact of psychological factors on education. Kooperatives Lernen in der Grundschule.

  IEC 60929 PDF

Journal of Career Assessment, psychologiee 4— Practice strategies, which require time to establish and become routine, include clear job tasks, sharing of client information between peer and nonpeer staff, cooperative service planning, and supervision of peer providers by professionals. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. One could say that Waverley Place discovered the Jigsaw principle of successful peer staff integration without any conscious intent to do so.

Die Betreuung der Arbeiten erfolgt in der Regel zu den Sprechstundenzeiten. This independent discovery strengthens confidence in the findings now reported by Gates and Akabas Formative Assessment and motivation: The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available told Adm Policy Ment Health.

Developing strategies to integrate peer providers into the staff of mental health agencies. The diamond in the stone: The Jigsaw Classroom and the strategies proposed by Gates and Akabas have similar top-down policies of egalitarianism and expectations for minority group success. Kooperatives Lernen und Peer Tutoring im inklusiven Unterricht. Zeitschrift fuer Paedagogische Psychologie. The successful integration of peer and professional staff became evident about 6 months later when pdagogishce director asked all staff to reflect upon what they needed to do their jobs well.