Corporate Income Tax. PNI. Produced Nation Income. DTA. Double Taxation Agreement. SBV. State Bank of Vietnam. EPE. Export Processing Enterprise. SME. file extension Alphanumeric characters added to a filename to denote the filetype . Example, extension denotes a file is a Microsoft® Word file. file name/. As children at younger ages are being given access to digital devices and web tools, we as parents and teachers need to be prepared to show them how to use .

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Traceroute A utility for investigating the path between Internet addresses, e. Nominet The independent UK body responsible for maintaining all. Usually compressed and “lossy” but often the best way for sending photographic images containing millions of colours by Internet or on CD ROM. COM a question-and-answer based search engine, see www.

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Mozilla The name of the dinosaur mascot created by Netscape Communications Corp. This web site is entirely independent of EPE Magazine and its Publishers have no responsibility at all for any of the contents on this web site. A virus cannot be contained in an ordinary E-mail text, but can be fpe to one, hidden in a computer file attachment.


E E-Commerce – Electronic commerce, trading via e. Or, the binary number system of zeros and filtype.

May be used for producing responses in relation to user actions, price quote requests, etc. Sometimes mistakenly used to mean ‘Lots of love’.

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Used mostly for personal one-to-one communications, requires a key ifletype. MP3 A highly-compressed file format enabling music tracks to be readily published and transmitted over the Internet.

Ethernet A communications system for operating LANs local area networks. Used in marketing and advertising. O off-hook When a modem is connected to a phone line after traditional telephones, which connected when the handset was filetgpe up off the hook.

Requires Adobe Reader to view. Net Contact Us Share. Often just called IE. Also the name applied to a computer containing files e. LAN Local Area Network, a small network of computers or terminals connected together and often sharing common resources.

Yahoo The second most popular search engine and portal web site. KB Knowledge Base An information resource commonly available on-line or on-disc, in practice often based on users’ feedback, comments and frequently asked questions from customers. URL Uniform Resource Locator, denoting the address of a server and the epf of protocol associated with it.


Android Google’s proprietary operating system based on Linux.

RFC Request For Comments, the means by which the evolution of the Internet was documented by its developers and techniques and protocols agreed. Narrowband lower filwtype communications, e. Flash “Future Splash Animator” — now Adobe technology for producing high-impact vector graphics and animation, for incorporation into web pages. Y Fipetype The second most popular search engine and portal web site. Z zip file A popular method for compressing a file or multiple files into a smaller,”zip” file.

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Nameserver Part of a domain’s configuration responsible for routing traffic to the relevant host. Enables “personalisation” and identification next time they visit. Social flletype Generally, techniques used by fraudsters to trick users into thinking that an attempted fraud has a genuine basis. Dreamweaver Professional web design software produced by Adobe.

Has a shorthand all of its own.