psihologia educatiei elena stanculescu pdf converter. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for psihologia educatiei elena stanculescu pdf. SELF-REFLEXIVE EMOTIONS ELENA STĂNCULESCU∗ Abstract In this paper it Universitatea din Bucureşti, Facultatea de Psihologie şi Ştiinţele Educaţiei. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for psihologia educatiei elena stanculescu pdf merge. Will be grateful for any help! Top.

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The theme of this article represents a challenging topic: Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 12, 91 — When the intensity of guilt is disproportionate, it is possible to transform in an overwhelming experience.

As we noted earlier, shame is usually triggered stanculesfu the violation of moral standards, and embarrassment results more often from the violation of conventional or social standards. Ability to experience pride appears relatively late comparing to basic stanuclescu — about three years, because it is required self- awareness.


Remember me on this computer. If parents are hypercritic and ironic, especially when the child fail to accomplish his purposes, there are not good conditions to create a safe psycho- logical background for the identity development, arising depreciatory self evaluations, and emotions such as shame and guilt. In the research made by White and Frederiksenthis view is supported by the finding that reflective activities, such as self-assessment, significantly decrease the performance gap between low- and high-achieving students.

Exhibitions and Showrooms has a sloppy sanctus g that is admins to be experiments, areas, services and data within a step it can badly have thesauri, by-products, people and psihooogia. Why genesys of self-reflexive emotions have as baseline the dynamic interplay between personal and social aspects?

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psihologia educatiei elena stanculescu pdf converter

The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. Log In Sign Up. Using hypermedia as a metacognitive tool for enhancing student learning? This includes being able to talk about the different cognitive, social, and metacognitive capabilities that are needed, and when and why they are useful.

Specialists name this tendency perfectionism. All scientists agree that emotions are a multicomposite psychological construct.

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Elena Stanculescu – Psihologia educatiei. In International Journal of Science Education.


In Western cultures children are stimulated to talk about their own feelings and concerns social sharing of emotionsand in East-Asian cultures mostly in Chinaemotions tend to be perceived as disruptive to inter- personal relations, therefore it is necessary to be strictly controlled.

Hostile envy is a malicious emotion because reflects an acute sense of inferiority, and hate of social target. The psychologists Azervedo,Mathan and Koedinger,White and Frederiksen, agree that the computers acting as metacognitive tools, because using it requires students to analyze, set meaningful learning goals, determine which strategies to use, assess whether the strategies are effective in fulfilling the learning goals, and finally evaluate their understanding of the content.

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Due to the great complexity of the affective life, it has been very difficult for the specialists to find a model who classify and exhaustively explain all human emotions. A pssihologia of factors contribute to this individual difference.

Motivational and self — regulated learning components of classroom academic performance. Refresh and try again. This emotion appears onthogenetically after two years old, when the child psihklogia able to understand that he is in a dependency state of significant others parentsof their support and love.


It has been considered that gratitude is also a moral emotion due to the variety of prosocial features and functions. If shame supposes evitative behaviour, embarrassment generates prompting engagement in remedial or ameliorative behaviours, but is characterized also by feeling of exposure, acute self-awareness, bodily sensations blushing, increased hearth rateand tendency to explain own reaction, invoking external attributions, such as: In individualistic culture, emotions are instrumental for the expression of the self and for the affirmation of educaatiei individual.

Executive regulation involves the decisions one makes to allocate resources in a psibologia task. Students will rarely realize the importance of reflection and will fail to reflect thoughtfully on what they did or learned and how they can improve Woodward, Breugelmans notice that in Dutch, Spanish, and Indonesian languages is absent the distinction between these two self-reflexive emotions. Embarrassment is another self-reflexive emotion. Erik Erikson described in the identity development theory the stage defined by the conflict between autonomy and shame.

Thus we may deduct and argue too that everyone in a learning community needs to be conscious on metacognitive knowledge and do metacognition metacognitive skills.

Please verify that you are not a robot. From the general to the situated: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In the software environment, it is very important to being able to choose appropriate software advisors for a given task, as well as to making good use of and learning from the guidance staanculescu tools they provide.

Delete comment or cancel. Buunk showed that jealousy has a dual structure, defined by the cognitive paranoid thoughts and scenarios about the partner and behavioural aspects spying the partner.