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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Extremely long, pages. There are great books lists everywhere. This is my contribution. Obviously, there are an incredible number of books out there. How many of them qualify as actual classics in one form or another? The list attempted to include “classics” only, edurad defined, or anything that could tomzs considered notable, great or fine literature. For nonfiction, I also attempted to include notable, great or fine works.

One goal was to was to list all of the great, excellent and fine literature and literary writing produced in the past 50 years all over the globe. Then we want all of the classics around the globe for the previous 50 years.

The second list will be shorter as some works fail to stand the test of time. Beforeany quality literary work that is still withstanding the test of time. The third list will be even shorter because after years, works start to be increasingly labeled as not withstanding the test of time.

This was a very difficult project. All books on the list were at least researched, but of course they were not all read. One method was utilizing the Amazon ratings system. I milarep a rating of at least 4 on the scale of a work that qualified as a great book or classic. Then I often wanted at least 5 reviews. I used the same system on Goodreads — a 4 or more on the scale and at least 5 reviews.

I also consulted Wikipedia milxrepa lot. For modern authors, I wanted any books that were widely reviewed and considered to be excellent, fine quality literature.

Any high quality work of modern literary quality that was widely and well reviewed should make it on. Or I looked to Wikipedia to see if the work was praised as excellent. Then I went to Amazon or Goodreads and went with my four star average for five or more reviews rule.


I also utilized various great books lists around the net. Any older book that made it onto any book publisher’s “classics” series of any type is virtually assured of rduard it onto the list. If so, it went on. I also consulted Amazon to see if I fduard get five or more reviews giving four or more stars. For some superb authors who I personally love, rules were violated, and their works simply went on the list because I thought they were toomas.

In addition, many rightwing books or authors were kept off the list for ideological reasons.

Wikiquote:Unlisted names

In general, genre works were not included. However, some genre authors have produced great literature that transcends the narrowness of their genre.

Last count I have read of the works below either partially or in whole. If it’s italicized, that means that I read it. I favored certain interests, as you might see: I also much favored fiction and poetry literature over non- fiction.

For non-fiction, I have a milarep spot for literary criticism and history.

An effort was made not to prejudice the modern era but also to pay homage to the greats of the past. Only books in English translation and still available eduarrd readers to purchase or download made it onto the list. If humans can no longer access a work, it’s worthless. A number of fine books did not make it onto the list due to lack of availability. A vast number of books were not included because they lack an English translation.

This work is not yet finished and may never be. This may be mikarepa as a parallel to Martin Seymour-Smith’s incredible 1, page The Guide to Modern World Literature, except he actually read all of those works, and I didn’t.

Milarepa : Eduard Tomas :

In addition, he read works in 20 different languages. If you’ve got nothing better to do and feel like reading evuard book, you might want to look through the list and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

You can hardly go wrong with any book on the list, provided it’s to your taste.

  CERFA 3316 PDF

And there are much worse ways to spend your time than reading a great book. Or if you don’t want to read any of the books, you might want to look them up to see why they are on the list.

If you’ve never heard of an author on the list, you might want to look them up to see why they are on the list too. Comments or recommendations are eduarr. The Conference of the Birds Abbey, Edward: A Reader Abbott, Carl: Alexander the Great; Cleopatra; Cyrus the Great: The Pioneer of Kentucky; Davy Crockett: High Tide Abercrombie, Lascelles: A Critical Study Abert, Hermann: Lyrics Alley Abrahams, Israel: New Selected Poems Essays on Exile and Memory; Letters of Transit: A Memoir; Origami Bridges: The Architecture of Michelangelo Ackroyd, Peter: A Life Cut Short; Shakespeare: A Life; The Canterbury Tales: Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo Adair, Gilbert: Passages from the “History” Adams, Henry Foster: Under the Moons of Mars: A Selection Adams, M.

The Deconstructive Angel Adams, Richard: Watership Down Adams, Samuel Hopkins: A Husband Adams, William: Shadow of the Cross Addison, Joseph: The Wall Adler, Joyce Sparer: Exploring the Palace of the Peacock: Clan of the Cave Bear Agate, James: Novel with Cocaine Agnon, Shmuel Yosef: The Wire Book Akhmadulina, Bella: Panic in a Suitcase Aksakov, Sergei: An Unnecessary Woman Alan of Lille: La Regenta Albahari, David: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Diary of a Mission to Afghanistan Albom, Mitch: Tuesdays with Morrie Albright, William F.: The Archaeology of Palestine: Arthur’s Britain Alcott, Luisa May: Barefoot in the Head; Cryptozoic! The Honey-lips, a Legend of Brazil; Senhora: Foreign Eduarx Alexander, Caroline: Lost Gold of the Dark Ages: War, Treasure, and the Mystery of the Yomas Mrs.

A Comedy of Gestures Alfieri, Vittorio: Clive James, John Ciardi, H. Charles Darwin Allen, James Lane: Song of the Shank Allende, Isabel: Bastard out of Carolina; Cavedweller; Skin: Children of Wrath Alter, Robert: A Lion for Love: Kinflicks; Other Women Alten, Steve: