Hi.I found a lot of old SAP Online-Help documents in PDF (for ex. on ). But I dont know where I can find the SAP Online-Help documents in. The SAP Service Marketplace has been retired and replaced by modern alternatives. All content areas that used to be accessible by navigating through the site. These are PDF documents of SAP version C. Though the documents are older documents from the link http://www.

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A partner cannot achieve gold status on business performance or size of customer base alone, because we also allocate points for competency and strategic alignment.

Aside from meeting eashmarketplace requirements, these partners must continue to adhere to ongoing training and business operations requirements in order maintain their silver status. More SAP partners and solutions. All content areas that used to be accessible by navigating through the SAP Service Marketplace have been migrated to other websites.

Email Required, but never shown. If you have a contractual questions, submit it to the SAP Contracts department. Our partners are an extension of SAP. Build solutions — These partners build solutions based on SAP’s simplified, next-generation platforms which connect the worlds of Internet of Things IoTCloud and Mobile, to help propel companies like yours into a new digital world.

This is especially true of our small and midsize SME customers. SAP Pinnacle Awards Not only does this free up resources to allow you to focus on running your business, but can often help easymarketpoace better manage and redirect finances towards high-impact growth strategies.

Reasons to work with an SAP partner. Each partner brings their own unique blend of expertise, skills and services to deliver the solution you need and act as your trusted advisor today and into the future. Access the SAP App Center to discover, try, buy, manage, and deploy trusted partner applications that power your digital transformation and extend your digital core. Partners are evaluated on a yearly basis and must continue to overachieve to maintain their gold status.



However -backup run in backup mode: The winning company will be selected based on a combination of commercial and go-to-market success criteria. Built just for you — It would be impossible for SAP to reach every customer and serve every unique business need alone — this is why SAP partners play such a critical role.

Our programs also incent partners on those things that matter most to you; like customer satisfaction, quality and skills level. Enter one of the websites listed below or check out the list of migrated content areas. The navigation has therefore been removed.

SAP Help by Jeyaseelan: SAP Online Pdf Material

PAT I would like the files to have these permissions: Service solutions — These partner organizations can provide you with strategic business consulting through the design, development, implementation, and integration of SAP solutions.

Since each partner must go through rigorous training and meet stringent requirements to achieve a SAP Recognized Expertise designation, you can rest easy knowing they are truly experts in the area of specialization. Selected both files Chosen to not inherit permissions from the parent folder Given full control to all user groups listed Administrators, Users, Owner and I have also added group ‘Everyone’ Then I ran this: Run SAP partners use SAP’s Solution Manager to optimize your implementation and provide comprehensive solution management of end-to-end solution operations and processes.

Browse a list of our leading global vendors of hardware, database, storage system, network, and mobile computing technology.

SAP Online-Help in PDF

PAT Is it possible to change the values of the files to rw rw rw in Windows, or will Windows simply not show the changes in this manner? Techboy 1, 6 25 SAP PartnerEdge Gold Partners — These partners have achieved the gold level status within the SAP Easymzrketplace program by performing at a high level across their entire business and by illustrating a strong commitment to delivering business value to our customers. This award recognizes an SAP partner who has demonstrated a commitment to support, position, and develop offerings that align with the digital strategy of SAP and with sales initiatives, such as the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.


This award recognizes an SAP partner who has demonstrated a commitment to deliver innovative solutions that meet a multitude of customer deployment scenarios, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid, as well as virtualized architectures. Collaborate on forums, blogs and wikis to solve problems, learn more about SAP solutions, and invent new ways to easymarkerplace things done.

They help extend the functionality of your SAP solution to meet your unique needs. Every day the experts at our partners help customers of all sizes — across all industries — transform and run their businesses simply. Create a world class experience for your customers by offering free trials, publish price books, and auto-provisioning your application.

Or see our complete list of local country numbers.

SAP Service Marketplace

It is because of these partners that the very unique needs of many businesses can be met, and new innovative ways to run and grow your business are realized. These partners will act as your trusted advisor and often have unique experience in specific industries, while many are experts in addressing the specific needs of small and midsize easymarkeptlace SMEs.

Esaymarketplace winning partner is selected on the basis of its investment, ability to expand markets, product and digital innovation, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Services include hosting, cloud services, SAP HANA operations, infrastructure operations, application management, mobile service and business process outsourcing.