Discount for shop in case of membership: Tango en Skai – Dyens Roland |. Sep 27, Roland Dyens’ ‘Tango En Skai’ is a favorite of audiences worldwide. This flamboyant piece, with its engaging rhythms and ostentatious runs. To Discover, Nurture & Promote Young Musicians.

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Classical Guitar Skip skia content. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp.

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Roland Dyens: Tango en skai – Concert Artists Guild

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Forum rules Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other reason. Treating it like some serious 2 minute chunk of pure art music is ridiculous.

It’s sort of a joke! Play it like such! So i would respect the origins, in other words. His version of El Chocolo is much the same. Nice seeing the video!

It should be played as a Tango! Have you seen the YouTube of Dyens playing this? He’s not wearing an arrow-through-the-head or big glasses with a fake nose and mustache, so I wouldn’t treat it as a “joke” per se, but I like BoyScout’s description that “It’s fun! In my opinion, one should approach the piece as if playing a Tango.


If you can pull that off, things like campiness and fun are built right in. Frankly, I think Tango in general is a bit campy and fun by nature. I don’t mean that in a bad way either. Some of the accents used are meant as a surprise kind of thing – I wish I had the music with me There’s taango towards the beginning – that’s kind of a musical joke. Then the G7 chord being played very softly, another musical oxymoron, you’d normally play that quite loudly in a serious tango.

And the fact it’s G7 – not simply G.

Tango en Skai, for guitar

It’s the whole wide dynamic range specified, the glisses, it all comes together to make a fun musical joke. I play this piece straight through without any modulation in tempo, like a tango, but I follow all the little musical jokes along the way. I’ve heard it performed with enormous rubato though, and it can be pulled off that way.

When I first came across that piece, I was reading through it one day.

To Discover, Nurture & Promote Young Musicians

Sorry I had to delete the link no links, but you can supply the keywordsbut I agree. This guy totally “gets it” and and puts an end to the question of whether this piece was meant to be serious or not. Marek Tomaszewicz plays Roland Dyens! I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this guy truly understands the meaning of “parody”: How can I find out a video is copyrighted before sending a link?


People quote Youtube videos all the time. It should never cheapen the piece, but rather being “in” on the elements of the joke should enhance the quality of the piece. After searching for the history of Tango en Skai by Dyens, I found out that the piece is a parody of the tango with Skai meaning a slang for a fake skqi. Of course I follow the music but with Dyens I tend to pull out my inner jazz musician and wing it a little bit. The scale passages tngo tricky to play at first but over time I got it.

Well, one of them.

Tango en Skai – Classical Guitar

I’m still working on the rest of it lol How did you speed up the scale sections? Did you start off slowly then build up? Board index All times are UTC.