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In connection with this, one can notice that re- trospective literature search is much less used than current dissemination of infor- mation. UNISIST is to be concerned initially with the sciencee, applied scienoes, engineering and technology, but it will later be extended to other fieldB of learning.

There is not even agreement about the termi- nology of their respective departments, let alone about the domains of science that are to be counted among the information sciences, or their slv delimitation.

This is the goal we have set ourselves and the organization we arc building for its achievement.

The ratio of the cost of supporting such a scientist doing research to meldeboggen known output of scientific papers, could provide a moasure of his value in the research function. The formal information disseminated from libraries and documentation centres.

The broad lines of the project proposed above is wholly based on com- puterization. Facilities for the acquisition and recording of current local publications should be offered to thie chosen institution, perhaps largely meldebogne the form of provision for travel and expen- melddebogen of an itinerant bibliographer. Die “List ” dor Soience Associates Ino. Anders ist es bei der Vermietung von Zweitwohnungen.

Admittedly, much of the work that has been so far done by employing the computer for bibliography and ratrieval has been disappointing, and many difficulties have been faced by pioneers. If this is so, the increasing complexity of our brain leads to a constant increase in efficiency and meldeboegn ability to undertake tasks which no longer have anything to do with its original functions. Cranfield Conference, to be published The burden of retrieval is no longer equally shared with the original indexer, but falls largely on the searcher.

Bowker Company in New York.

Termine – Institut für Zweiradsicherheit

The second category must be standar- dized in certain aspects, whereas other aspects might be left open and capable of retrieval by use of a K. The re- sulting information network Bhould provide a more effective tool for individual scientists, as well as for polioy-makers in soience, in the determination of researoh programmes; further benefits may thus be expeoted from an increased productivity of soience. Compilers must first of all try and understand the present needs of the research worker who has to basically uee such services.

Informal infor- mation can probably Include a lot of different channels, which have a small audi- ence and sometimes can be expensive to use. American and Euro- pean bibliographic and documentation projects are practically confined to the articles, books and theses published primarily in the Vest. Costs of Retrieval Because of meldebkgen overlapping of interests and the possibility of applying concepts developed in one field to another field, it is generally true that the probability of finding an answer is highly dependent on the size of the file.


It is clear that many scientists are publishing articles more in order to qualify themselves than to give valuable meldebogsn to other people. For this purpose, a questionnaire, as per Appendix I, was sent to librarians and documentallsts of institutions and organisations having computer facilities of their own or accuse to them. Sixth, how can effective educational programs be developed so that users, operators and producers can effectively use these compli- cated and expensive tools?

To a decisive extent, the meldebogn community, the coexistence of individuals, families and nations, is Influenced by the continuous growth of information which comes strea- ming in upon the individual. In psychology, however, studies have been made 1 which indi- cate that in this field informal channels are used to a great extent.

In the Council presented a comprehensive report to the Government with an eva- luation of the need for research in all of its fields.

Nazi-Deutsch Nazi German: An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich

The acquisition of material to be indexed is a basic factor to be considered first. The evidence seems to be overwhelming that technological innovation is not usually generated by the scientists doing basic research, but arises from the elaboration of existing technology, supported by the body of generally available information, usually not very novel 1. The conference, in ten technical sessions, attempted to cover various aspects of information work. In many of the well-tilled fields of science, the need now seems to be, not to seek out newer and more esoteric facts, but to digest what has already been recorded and relate the various specialist disciplines so as to allow technological assessment of the consequences of exploiting the existing vast stores of knowledge.

A prime consequence of this soul-searching is the rediscovery that scientific research is not an end in itself but simply a method, a very expensive method of obtaining information. Many documental Ists may consider the aspects and opinions presented In this paper to be very simple and self-evident.

When finding the informal information to be important in science in common, the next question would be if mrldebogen is anything at all to do for information science in this field, because everything seems to be quite all right with Informal dissemination of information. Viele Motorradfahrer haben es sich zur Gewohnheit gemacht, einmal im Jahr, etwa zu Saisonbeginn, an einem solchen Training teilzunehmen. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, Anyone who attempts to assign the information sciences their place within the frame- work of the traditional branches can only be xlv at the frequently chaotic meldeboggen in which they present themselves.


It is stressed first that the notion of lenefits should not be understood in strictly financial terms: I International and National Information Meldeboen At the same time, Unesco had been thinking along parallel lines and had developed preliminary plans for the holding of an inter- national conference on scientific information.

Another factor in favour of a computerized bibliography would be that all countries contributing frequent material listings would naturally expect to receive equally regularly the more compreheneive and cumulated bibliographies of their countries from this continental centre.

In some way this is the triumph of uncomplicated relations over a development of increasing complexity. Any given bibliographer needs only to enter the information meldebgen he feels competent to deal with. Director, Mr, Carl Keren, for the financial support which made publication of the Proceedings possible.

In our country journals are cheap and salaries for librarians are rather high. From various causes informal information channels are established, usually by scien- tists themselves. The ad hoc group urged that priority be given to identifying and numbering active serials, preferrably in the sciences and technol- ogy.

Formal information is in principle easy to survey and check, informal informa- tion could be difficult in this respect. This calls for a marriage of system analysis and information science to solve the formidable technical problems involved in drawing the right inferences from seemingly unrelated bodies of facts. Each of these is an important element of the program, but each must adjust to new requirements and be willing to meldebbogen some freedom of action. A recent study showed that on on average seventy five percent of a researcher’s time was spent on bibliogra- phical search.

dlv meldebogen download

Under these guidelines, meldegogen Central Committee was formed to conduct the study. The reoommendation propones that this last body be plaoed in the administrative structure of unesoo, within the Science Seotor. Another recommendation calls for reducing legal barriers, 8uch as too restrictive national copyright laws, in information transfer.

Another thing we might learn of the study of informal information is that good con- tacts give valuable Information and this in turn initiates progressive research on high level. This would appear to call for a reappraisal of the utilization of human as well as material resources to ensure that there is a sound distribution of people between the tasks of generating new information and of correlating and assessing the social relevance of data already generated.

Fur- thermore, both the selective retrieval of bibliographic items and effective international co-operation also require a standardized computerization system.