EPROM Datasheet, 16K EPROM Datasheet, buy MF1 NMOS uv EPROM: 8kx8. x 8 ORGANIZATION mW Max ACTIVE POWER, mW Max Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MF1. Pin Compatible to IntelĀ® EPROM The is also the first EPROM with a static standby mode which reduces the power dissipation data sheet for.

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2716 – 2716 16K EPROM Datasheet

Memory Types Two basic types: Memory Chips The number of address pins is related to the number of memory locations. Common sizes today are 1K to M locations. Therefore, between 10 and 28 address pins are present. The data pins are typically bi-directional in read-write memories. The number of data pins is related to the size of the memory location.

  1KF01 0AB0 PDF

EPROM Technical Data

For example, an 8-bit wide byte-wide memory device has 8 data pins. Catalog listing of erpom X 8 indicate a byte addressable 8K memory.

Each memory device has at least one chip select CS or chip enable CE or select S pin that enables the memory device. If more than one are present, then all must be 0 in order to perform a read or write.

Memory Chips Each memory device has at least one control pin. The OE pin enables and disables a set of tristate buffers.

For dual control pin devices, it must be hold true that both are not 0 at the same time. Maintains its state when powered down. There are several forms: Factory programmed, cannot be changed.

Field programmable but only once. Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. Reprogramming requires up to 20 minutes of high-intensity UV light exposure. Memory Chips ROMs cont: Writing is much slower than a normal RAM. Used to store setup information, e.


DRAMs datashert available in much larger sizes, e. This refresh is performed by a special circuit in the DRAM which refreshes the entire memory using reads.

IC Datasheet: 2716 EPROM – 1

Refresh also occurs on a normal read, write or during a special refresh cycle. More on this later.

The large storage capacity of DRAMs make it impractical to add the required number of address pins. Instead, the address pins are multiplexed.

DRAMs Pentiums have a bit wide data bus. The pin and pin SIMMs are not used on these systems. These organize the memory bits wide. The board has DRAMs mounted on both sides and is pins. Chip Deselect to Output Float.