Il existe un cours MOODLE – PF1 Principes de fonctionnement des machines binaires Le premier cours d’amphi aura lieu le mercredi 13 septembre et le dernier . de Boole · Les circuits combinatoires, le codeur/décodeur en Logisim. Pour cette opération, un mode de codage 1 utilise un retard de pas déterminé à partir du signal d’entrée de la trame en cours, et un mode de codage 2 utilise un . second compresseur tourne, un deuxième système «codeur-décodeur» peut entrer en Peu importe qu’une chambre soit arrêtée au cours de la nuit, car sa.

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Wideband speech codec using a higher sampling rate in analysis and synthesis filtering than in excitation searching. Adaptive speech coder having code excited linear predictor with multiple codebook searches. Method for speech coding based on a code excited linear prediction CELP model.

WOA1 – Codeur/decodeur vocal – Google Patents

Method and apparatus for speech compression using multi-mode code excited linear predictive coding. Method and apparatus for one-stage and two-stage noise feedback coding of speech and audio signals. Perceptual weighting device and method for efficient coding of wideband signals. CN CNA zh Country of ref document: EP Kind code of ref document: US USB2 en KR Kind code of ref document: Coding device and coding method with high layer coding based on lower layer coding results.


Decoeur matrices based on critical band pattern information for digital audio wherein quantization bands differ from critical bands.

LPAS speech coder using vector quantized, multi-codebook, multi-tap pitch predictor and optimized ternary source excitation codebook derivation. Apparatus and method for efficiently coding plural channels of an acoustic signal at low bit rates.

Method and system for coding an information signal using closed loop adaptive bit allocation. Secure information distribution system utilizing information segment scrambling.

Multi-channel audio encoding and decoding with multi-channel transform selection. JP Ref document number: Systems, methods, and apparatus for quantization of spectral envelope representation.

WO2013016262A1 – Procédé et appareil de codage et de décodage audio – Google Patents

Country of ref document: Concealment of transmission error in a digital audio signal in a hierarchical decoding structure. Kind code of ref document: US USB2 en Method and apparatus for an encoding and decoding a speech signal by adaptively changing pulse position candidates.

Method for flexible bit rate code vector generation and wideband vocoder employing the same. Transcoding method and system between CELP-based speech codes with externally provided status.


WO2001020595A1 – Codeur/decodeur vocal – Google Patents

EP EPB1 fr EP EPA1 fr A1 Designated state s: Kind code of ref document: Systems and methods for modifying a zero pad region of a windowed frame of an audio signal. Transcoding apparatus and method between CELP-based codecs using bandwidth extension. Speech encoder adaptively applying pitch preprocessing with warping of target signal. Method and apparatus for coding an information signal using delay contour adjustment.

Indexing pulse positions and signs in algebraic codebooks for coding of wideband signals. Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before Speech encoder adaptively applying pitch preprocessing with warping of target signal. Voice encoding and voice decoding using an adaptive codebook cofeur an algebraic codebook.

Method and apparatus for selective signal coding based on core encoder performance.