componential analysis of meaning as it is considered to be an important . have defended a componential approach to semantics within a philosophical and. Componential analysis is a way proposed by the structural of a word can be dissected into meaning components, called semantic features. componential analysis. a method of semantic analysis. modelled on phonology. isolating the smallest units. phonology: the phoneme (or phonetic feature).

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While father and mother are one generation above ascending generation and son and daughter are one generation below descending generation. The meanings of words in a language are interrelated and they are defined in part by their relations with other words in the language. The meanings of the individual items can then be expressed by combinations of these features: The diagnostic features of kinship terms 4. None of which have anything to do with a louse. If elicitation of usage is carefully conducted and if the results of such a procedure are carefully checked against spontaneous utterances, there is every reason to believe that the results of using the four basic processes of naming, paraphrasing, defining, and classifying can be essentially accurate Nida, ln Frake began to explore its use in the analysis of such aspects of culture as the classification and diagnosis of diseases and the organization semahtics religious ideas Semantic components, when they can be identified, have a discriminatory function and they add to our understanding of the meaning of a lexeme by providing points of contrast with semantically related lexemes.


And they manage things so that they have many more davolaqu than wekaqu.

Diagnostic or distinctive components. There may be no absolute feature which marks the difference but by only a relative contrast.

Componential analysis

One must proceed feature by feature to determine those components which do make distinctions, and ultimately the features of sex, generation, and lineality, and consanguinity vs. Remember me on this computer.

It is often seen as a process of breaking down the sense of a word into its minimal distinctive features; that is, into components which contrast with other components.

As a consequence, entirely different ways semanics describe meaning were developed, such as prototype semantics.

Componential Analysis

Analyzed in the same semantic domain, words can be classified according to shared and differentiating features. The matrix of kinship terms Jackson, Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available ln every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. A word or lexeme presents a complex semantic structure. To determine the meaning of any form contrast must be found, for there is no meaning apart from significant differences.

According to Semantic field or semantic domain theory, lexemes can be classified according to shared and differentiating features. This is but one example of how componential analysis calls into question some of the explanations of kinship terminology that semantjcs had wide currency among anthropologists for another example, see Lounsbury b.

It is thus possible to sort vocabularies into distinct sets pertaining to different domains of experience. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.


The method of componential analysis has been applied almost entirely to delimiting and depicting the ideational structure of terminological systems.

This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Yale University Publications in Anthropology, No. The determination of such features has been called componential analysis Kreidler, Componential analysis and anthropological theory.

Componential analysis – Glottopedia

American Anthropologist New Series 67, no. At best, these so- called components form only a small part of the cmoponential meaning of the word in question, and the whole approach wrongly suggests that if we look a little more carefully, we may be able to sort out all of them. But the application of rigorous method in this area began only after World War ii, inspired by the methodology of structural linguistics and developed and utilized by anthropologists trained in this discipline Goodenough The semantic structure of a lexeme is treated as a system of meanings.

For examples, brother and sister are the same generation as ego. In its concern with signification and definitive attributes, componential analysis starts with extensional definitions listings of denotata and seeks to reduce them to intensional definitions. A word such as lousy may occur with a vast number of different semantic heads, e. Helping translator to produce accurate translation.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.