cattle-breeding and trade), and Danda-Niti (science of government) are what are called the four sciences. The school of Manu (Manava) hold that there are only. अर्थशास्त्र, हिंदी, संस्कृत, नीति, ramavatar vidyabhashkar, chanakya, kautilya, chandragupta maurya, india, bharat, arth shastra, hindi, neeti, . Read Kautilya’s Arthashastra book reviews & author details and more at Amazon. in. Kautilya’s Arthashastra Paperback – 28 Dec by . Chanakya Neeti.

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Book 3 of the Arthashastra, states Trautmann, is dedicated to civil law, including sections relating to economic relations of employer and employee, partnerships, sellers chanakga buyers.

Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti | Indus Library

Try Upaya four strategies. The text discusses marriage and consent laws in Nihi 3 and 4. When everything fails, resort to arthashatra force. Thank you for distributing those precious, trustworthy, revealing as well as cool thoughts on the topic to Nkti. Kautilya’s Arthashastra depicts a bureaucratic welfare state, in fact some kind of socialized monarchy, in which the central government administers the details of the economy for the common good The Arthashastra dedicates Book 7 and 10 to war, and considers numerous scenarios and reasons for war.

Policy Public policy doctrine Domestic and foreign policy Civil society Public interest. Book 1 and Book 2 of the text discusses how the crown prince should be trained and how the king himself should continue learning, selecting his key Mantri ministersofficials, administration, staffing of the court personnel, magistrates and judges. More recent scholarship has disagreed with the characterization of Arthashastra as “Machiavellianism”. The just and victorious king administers justice in accordance with Dharma established lawSanstha customary lawChana,ya edicts, announced law and Vyavahara evidence, conduct.

He is traditionally identified as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta, who authored the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra Economics. Thanks for this post. It will be valuable to anyone who employess it, including me. Journal of Indian Philosophy.


Those who lack integrity in financial matters or fall for the lure of money must not be in revenue collection or treasury, states the text, and those who lack integrity in sexual relationships must not be appointed to Vihara services pleasure grounds. I am just commenting to make you know of the useful encounter my girl gained using yuor web blog.

Samhita Brahmana Aranyaka Upanishad. Chronology of Hindu texts.

With Alexander out, the images of Chandragupta and Chanakya were those of superheroes and helped make small kings submit easily. The school of Usanas asserts, states the text, that there is atrhashastra one necessary knowledge, the science of government because no other science can start or survive without it. The text advocates “land reform”, states Brians, where land is taken from landowners and farmers who own land but do not grow anything for a long time, and given to poorer farmers who want to grow crops but do not own any land.

Your email address will not be published. Retrieved from ” https: However, if she marries a man her father arranges or approves of, she has the right to take the ornaments with her.

The text also outlines the duties of a ruler. Pataliputra was the capital of the Magadha kingdom, which was connected to Takshashila by Uttarapatha, the northern high road of commerce. Understand the opponent and seek to outwit him. The nitj dedicates Book 3 and 4 to economic laws, and a court system to oversee and resolve economic, contracts and market-related disputes.

Primary topics Index of politics articles Politics by country Politics by subdivision Political economy Political history Political history of the world Political philosophy. It was rediscovered in by R. He later became a teacher acharya at the same place.


The First Great Political Realist: There is no doubt, jiti Olivelle, that “revisions, errors, arthashhastra and perhaps even subtractions have occurred” in Arthashastra since its final redaction in CE or earlier. It asserts, nihi chapter 4. It opens by stating that wherever “good people are snubbed, and evil people are embraced” distress increases.

It is said that at this moment he was observed by a young Chandragupta Maurya, the future Emperor and creator of the Mauryan empire. Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti, also known as Chanakya Neeti-shastra. At the most opportune moment Chankaya made Chandragupta revolt.

Arthashastra – Wikipedia

Arthashastra states that forests be protected and recommends that the state treasury be used to feed animals such as horses and elephants that are too old for work, sick or injured. The chapter 2 of Book 3 of Arthashastra legally recognizes eight types of marriage.

You actually exceeded our own expected results. Chanakya was the kingmaker who actually planned the unification of India for the first time artthashastra Chandragupta.

Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti

War is inherently unpredictable. Also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta, he was a professor of political science at the Takshasila University and the Prime Minister of Chandragupta Maurya. Kautilya, in the Arthashastra, suggests that the state must always be adequately fortified, its armed forces prepared and resourced to defend itself against acts of war.

The folklore in India differs in some aspects from the established mainstream history. Chanakya Niti is a collection of aphorisms, said to be selected by Chanakya from the various shastras.