1 Source ANIA – L’assicurazione italiana nel , page , with some companies as anticipated by the related CCNL (National. CCNL: the National Collective Labour Contracts stipulated by ANIA and the trade union associations most . /, by Law 69/ and by. Symbol, CCNL1, contributors: mct/pgu – updated: cyclin L ania-6a. cyclin L gamma. Synonym symbol(s), BM, CCNL, PRO, ania-6a.

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IVASS then regulated the receivership of insurance companies. The adequacy level of the ccnp is a source of major concern for the Italian regulator. The Private Competition Enforcement Review. In Italy, only admitted insurers are entitled to provide insurance.

Italy – The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

Case law precedents are not binding, and the very same issue could receive different treatment from one court to the next. However, the Supreme Court did not provided clear directions about the criteria that should support a validity test. These norms implemented the provisions introduced by Article 22, Paragraph 8 of Development Decree No.

Quite often in Italian policy wording there is a provision for the loss adjustment of the claim whereby the parties or their experts should negotiate the amount of the loss and the level of the indemnity.

While the insurance contract may be concluded orally, according to Article of the Civil Code, there must be written proof of its existence. The Dominance and Monopolies Review.

22012 this binding precedent, mediation remained available to resolve insurance disputes, but because it was no longer compulsory it was little used and the rate of successfully mediated disputes, which was already low when the procedure was compulsory, dropped even further after the Constitutional Court judgment. This trend continued throughoutwith Regulation No.

The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review. Intergroups European Parliament None. The conclusion of the contract is a complex succession of events where the prospective insured will propose a risk, usually by completing a proposal form prepared by the insurer, who will evaluate the risk and quote the premium.

InCcjl intervened to regulate the obligations of adequate due diligence and anti-money laundering registrations on the part of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, 10 as well as intervening on occupational requirements of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries respectively, with the goal of promoting insurance intermediaries’ professional requirements, particularly taking into account the increasing spread of insurance relations to be handled electronically and concerning the internal identification of the organisational units responsible for administrative proceedings.


The most recent legislation that introduced compulsory insurance is Decree-Law No. 20112 list below only covers meetings held since November with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the Ajia Commission doesn’t publish information about such meetings.

Meetings with European Commission 3 meetings found. Person with legal responsibility Mr Roberto Signorini.

On 22 FebruaryANIA and the trade unions reached an agreement on the new contract terms and economic conditions for management employees. Today, the prohibition is provided by Article 12 of the Private Insurance Code. This first edition of Aniaa Insurance Disputes Law Review provides excellent and succinct overviews of recent developments in insurance disputes across 16 important insurance jurisdictions.

In fact, with interlocutory order No. Consequently, until this aspect will not become clarified by future case law, it would be prudent to have the insured accepting claims-made clauses in writing by double signature pursuant to Articles and of the Civil Code.

Should an ccnl or reinsurance company enter into serious financial difficulties, Articles to of the Private Insurance Code provide for the administrative compulsory winding up of insolvent or financially troubled insurance and reinsurance companies.

Furthermore, any added clause or cancellation that modifies the original policy text shall prevail in accordance with Article of the Civil Code.

Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA)

The regulatory framework is complex, with its articles detailing and providing for the exclusive conduct of reinsurance activities by companies with a registered office in Italy or Italian branches of companies with registered offices abroad or both ; the procedures for authorising such activities; and companies that have a registered office in Italy and authorisation exclusively to conduct reinsurance activities to carry on such activities in other EU Member States under the applicable regulations on freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services.

The Securities Litigation Review. An IVASS order refusing the authorisation is notified to the company by means of a registered letter with advice of receipt within six months from the date of the complete application with all documents required by law or with the additional documents and information requested by the authority. Among other controversies, the law mentions disputes relating to insurance contracts, and to compensation for damage caused by the circulation of vehicles, by medical malpractice, and because of the liability of directors and officers.


The Transport Finance Law Review is intended to provide the industry with a guide to transport finance today, in each of the key jurisdictions globally in which aircraft, rolling stock and ships are financed. During the distribution, a number of rules to protect consumers and unsophisticated customers must be respected.

The rules providing for insurance contracts and vcnl drafting are all contained in the Civil Code. Currently, the reserves are considered and regulated by the Private Insurance Code. It is the representative body for mutual, cooperative and joint-stock insurance and reinsurance companies in Italy. In Italy, in accordance with the Private Insurance Code, an insurance company’s minimum share capital or guarantee fund, fully paid-up in cash, must be not less than:.

In the first hearing, the judge checks that all the necessary parties are present.

Lobbying costs over the years: The Jobs Act and the two Decrees came into force on 1 March No specific sanction is provided for wrongful denial of a claim, but because litigation usually follows, ccn, court might award interests for late snia provided for by Legislative Decree No.

In connection with the European GDPR implementation in MayIVASS became active in supervising insurance market awareness about the new legislation requirements, and especially the processes put in place to prevent data breaches and the eventual subsequent notifications and remedial action.

There are no restrictions regarding investments in or the acquisition of an insurance or reinsurance company, provided that the funding of the operation does not xnia any anti-money laundering provision or public policy. Notwithstanding this, there are some cases where the policies are badly drafted and the wording can pose problems.