BGI 511-2 PDF

I I I I I о BI “2 16 II. I I l I I I I I I I I I l l о о l I I 8 В PURCHASING AGENTS AND BUYERS (NIEICI). I в. I I I 83u 7“ I 3ц6 II MANAGERS’ OFF’LS’ AND . Accident book DIN A4 according to BGI , (50 sheets) · hol_jpg Manual First-Aid BGI Booklet DIN A 6. Items 1 to 30 of 61 total. Sort By. Name . Cowp. — 2 H. BI. –2 Esp Rep. —6 Mod. —l Burn, J. 26th ed. – usual and proper form of action, for the reasons stated, ante, , note. 1 Salk.

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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Add to Wishlist View Details. Hot and Cold Compresses are durable, reusable and suitable to aid in the treatment of minor sporting injuries. Noba emergency pillow, skin-friendly, soft, 40x40cm. Asid Bonz Inhalation Mask, cm tube, 10 items, different versions. The graft bag by Holthaus Medical is suitable to preserve severed body parts and protect them from bacteria. First aid cabinets serve as secure and easily accessible storage spaces for fist aid materials – different 5111-2 and versions available.

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Add to Wishlist Out of stock. Many attractive offers, including first aid kits in different sizes, empty or filled according to international medical standards. This filler assortment by Holthaus Medical has 5111-2 parts and is used to fill first aid bags in Kindergartens. It does not adhere to wounds an is available in sterile, single packages.


The rescue sign by Holthaus Medical shows the escape direction. DIN Refill for Cars aid kits, 41 section. It is a two-chamber bag with inner bag for bacteria protection, to keep the body part dry and to allow space for the ice-water mixture. The rescue seat by Holthaus Medical is suitable to transport injured people over narrow stairs bg through corridors. The first aid kits fulfill the professional demand of ambulances, hospitals or medical practices and are also 511–2 for private use at home in case of medical emergency situations.

The self-adhesive foil bag by Holthaus Medical is used to preotect bandage books.

big The pocket mask Laerdal from Holthaus Medical is equipped with a one-way valve and interchangeable bacterial filter and ngi used in the artificial respiration.

The NOBA Emergency Pillow, a disposable medical pillow, offers a high level of comfort and supports the head optimally. For more information see the privacy policy. First aid kits are available in different sizes or filled with different products and materials according to DIN regulations. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The attachment cards for patients by Holthaus Medical are on a pad with 5 cards and are suitable for filling assortments according to DIN 13 hgi 13 VAT plus shipping costs and if applicable cash on delivery, if not otherwise described.


Holthaus Medical tooth rescue Dentosafe, 48 Hour, nutrient solution. You agree that your data will be used to process your request.


The splinter forceps Feilchenfeld from Holthaus Medical is 9 cm long and is used to remove as Metal or wood splinters. Suitable refill kits for first aid suitcases are also available in different sizes. Holthaus Medical car polishing wool, viscose, g bag.

First aid bags are easy to transport. First hgi suitcases are especially well suited for the use in schools, medical practices, at workplaces and by ambulances. DIN Refill for operating aid kit, cabinets, piece.


The message pad by Holthaus Medical with pen and 25 sheets of paper is suitable for first aid fillings according to DIN 13 and 13 extended. Holthaus Medical Warning Triangle Mini. Besides first aid suitcases, we are also offering handy first aid bags as travelling equipment 51-2 well as resuscitator bags, inhalation masks and other equipment. The refill kit for businesses from Holthaus Medical complies with DIN and includes a piece detectable plaster set and a blue adhesive plaster.