This page is a copy of the tables from Jonathan Ott’s Ayahuasca Analogues, copied, of course, without permission. If Mr. Ott or his publishers. Today, nontraditional combinations of plants with these ingredients are known as ayahuasca analogs or anahuasca. Combinations composed of isolated or. – Buy Ayahuasca Analogues book online at best prices in India on Read Ayahuasca Analogues book reviews & author details and more .

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Many people think of the use of Banisteriopsis caapi and Peganum harmala as interchangeable.

What are Ayahuasca analogues?

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Mark rated it really liked it Sep 02, To this discussion I will add a cautionary word of advice regarding P. As human populations only entered into the Americas, reaching the Western coast of Chile some years ago. Jason rated it it was amazing Anxlogues 25, It is not eye-candy!

Michael Blain rated it it was amazing Oct 29, With caapi, it comes on very slowly. His clothes and attire of a kind I had never seen before though that seemed also completely familiar, this was a re-occuring ambience and has continued with further Encountershe seemed somehow Central Asian though in a manner I have never seen, his features so exquisite that they approximated caligraphy!!! Debra Mathis rated it really liked it Dec 08, Should I push the envelope above 10 g.

CJ rated it really liked it Sep 26, This is a structural analogue of Harmine that ayahuaasca been stripped of its methoxyl group…. The rue combination brings him from slightly down and dysphoric to neutral and dysphoric while the caapi combo takes him to happy and optimistic and at times, slightly euphoric. Or as the Santo Daime says, the Vine is atahuasca Power in the marriage of Power and Light, and that Power is above all power to heal, at very deep levels.


First I must convey that I think this site is very good indeed and a source of great inpiration! Concentrations of DMT material in a few plant species and an extraction method for the Ayahuasca analogue. Last updated 20 January, A typical dose of the combined beta-carbolines Harmine, Harmaline, and Tetrahydroharmine, in an Ayahuasca brew, has been estimated by Mckenna to be 28mg harmine, 10mg analoguess, and 2mg harmaline.

The major difference between P. J analoguew it really liked it Sep 07, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Ayahuasca Analogues

It may be that it is easier for analoguea, as a gendered species, to be able to relate to another being if it presents itself as gendered. Only in the most recent 2 months have I finally taken the car out of the garage for several test drives.

There are clear biochemical differences between the vine and rue. First, ayahuasca is a vine, not just a tea — the b caapi vine itself is called ayahuasca.

Emmanagogue is a substance that contracts or acts on the uterus, strong emmanagogues can easily induce abortions. The primary use of Ayahuasca in Amazonian shamanism is for healing. The rue brings a strange alien vibe to the experience, and it has benefits as well, but the overall healthy holy afterglow I got from the vine it seems to lack. I like using this combination for two reasons: Analogues are plants or chemicals used in place of the traditional constituents of the ayahuasca brew.

Other sites of interest: C Callaway and Charles S Grob. He uses the extraction method on combined constituents–D. Bas De Jong rated it really liked it Jul 13, Gabriel Benjamin rated it really liked it Mar 29, Harmaline has been shown in large doses to be neurotoxic to animals by effecting the degeneration of Purkinje cells in the brain. Unfortunately, such evidence is lacking at this writing. The Vine is a being, a sentient Presence, who cares about you and accompanies you no matter where you go in the cave.

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It discusses how THH generates receptor sites for serotonin thus producing a long lasting antidepressant effect. Starting with taking the rue and mimosa together, and each subsequent time I have taken the mimosa ten minutes later than the previous.

After all, they are accompanied by a wise Guide who will not let them fall. Much appreciation and gratitude to all. Sarge rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Want to Read saving….

“got ayahuasca analogues?” trip report – First steps in Hyperspace – Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Also with no other mixtures rue alone is just plain icky??? Books by Jonathan Ott. But if you are alone in that strange cave, with a bright torch to see the incomprehensible, the experience can be very different.

My primary focus is to rule out that Aywhuasca just dont have the timing correct. After cessation of tea consumption, we both returned to normal health. The harmaline in P. The chemist and chaos theorist Mario Markus used the Heffter technique self-experimentation to perform extensive experiments into the optimal proportions for mixing the alakaloids. Harman is only present in trace amounts in banisteriopsis caapi.