AUCTEX Reference Card. (for version ). C-C. C-d. Save Document. Switch to master file or active buffer. Query for a master file. C-ca. Conventions Used. I have created a solution by adding an around-advice to reftex-reference, however, it’s not a pretty solution. I’ll put it up as an answer but I’m still hoping for a. +AUC T EX Reference Card. (for version 8). Conventions Used. Carriage Return. RET. Tabular. TAB. Linefeed. LFD. Mode variables: You want to change the.

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A sub-reddit for the timeless and infinitely powerful editor. Want to see what Emacs is capable of?!

Currently I use C-c C-[, which is quite slower than sublime text latextools plugin: This is what you want… they’re great tools, and helped enormously when I was writing up my PhD. Try helm-bibtex or it’s ivy version ivy-bibtex and this problem never occurs. Open the reference using ivy-bibtex or helm-bibtexsearch and it automatically inserts the citation for you.


Looks like you want company-auctex and perhaps force parsing of all bibtex sources. Here’s my config on the matter. Use reftex-citation usually bound to C-c [. This searches and brings up up a list of matching keys.


Ah yes, sorry I answered too quickly before reading the last bit. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

I think helm-bibtex is best so far. We use emacs to minimize keystrokes right?

If emacs can’t beat sublime text in this regard it will be a shame! I bound C-x c to ivy-bibtex, then I start typing the author name, or title or date, then, when the wanted reference appears I just hit RET and it’s done.

I think it couldn’t be simpler It seems that there is no support to do it automatically, like selecting rederence papers and generate the citation.

Prompt for reference when entering \cite{ : emacs

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But it’s a few keystrokes more than what sublime text offers. So far sublime text is still easier in terms of citing papers in latex I think. Demo 1 It’s very convenient to open the pdf source!