Toshiba Machine has specialized in the development of the aerostatic bearing technology which is the key element for high precision and high speed machining. New Way Air Bearings 50 McDonald Blvd. Aston, PA USA AIR BEARING APPLICATION. AND DESIGN. Welcome to the August 24, edition of Drew’s Views. This video blog post covers some Air Bearing Basics. We want to put these precision components into .

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The repeatability of air bearings far exceeds that of mechanical bearings for the simple reason that they have no contact or wear. This spindle allows high-speed milling at tool rotational speed of min -1 to reduce the machining time. Aerostatic bearings suit these needs as they can easily be miniaturized and there is no contact between the shaft and the case, thus reducing the power dissipation.

For orifices, the air flows through a small hole typically.

To respond to the market’s needs for high-efficiency and high-accuracy machining of molds, we will continuously pursue the performance including enhancement of accuracies and reduction in air consumption and expand the markets of this energy-saving and clean precision machine element, not limited to the machine tool market. Thereby, the drive is easy to assemble and insensitive against geometric variations, for instance through temperature influences or the disposition of the machines.

How Air Bearings Work: Since compressed air is very common in industrial environments it is probably the most often used gas, however other gasses such as nitrogen can be used where they are available such as in clean room environments.

The needed contact force for the probe is adjustable and independent from stroke. The final method is opposing air bearing preload. Because of this, PI Nelson Air has developed a variety of techniques and equipment which allow us to meet these stringent tolerances with repeatability and relatively low cost.

This method has the drawback of adding moving mass but can work very will with systems which already have a large amount of mass and low forces such as parts inspection. Toshiba Machine has specialized in the development of the aerostatic bearing technology which is the key element for high precision and high speed machining.

However, in many applications magnetic preload provides an effective method of preloading air bearings. This type of bearing is called a “fluid film” bearing. At PI Nelson Air we have used both orifice and porous media feeding. Any variation in part size, straightness, squareness or out of roundness will result in a closing of the gap and will cause the bearing to lose its frictionless nature as well as degrade accuracy and load capacity.


It is the result of turning a lens mold, using a single crystal diamond tool material of mold machined surface: Numerical methods such as Finite difference method or Finite element method are common for the discretization and the resolution of the equation, accounting for the boundary conditions associated to each bearing geometry linear-motion, journal and thrust bearings.

This method has been used successfully in many applications, especially for flat pads and planar systems which do not lend themselves to other forms of preload.

What this means for beafing bearings is bearig although they have a lower load capacity, gas beaing have essentially zero friction at all speeds and because the tight bearing clearances demand high accuracy components this results in extremely high accuracy motion. When placing the air bearing with the sensor chip, they must not touch the wafer surface being measured. For a real future version, the use of results obtained from high-temperature solutions, mass products proved production costs and high-frequency spindles know-how of dynamic background will be very helpful.

Retrieved from ” https: Accuracy is the measure of how closely the motion follows bearibg ideal profile. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Approximate Pressure Profile in an Air Bearing. The self-aligning process is done without aerostxtic or force. Most constructive ideas refer to special canal structures. The air bearing with vacuum preload and a constant bearing gap height floats contact-less on top of the rotary table. With the growth of the element technology for machine tools and aerosttaic tools, the traditional machining techniques such as cutting and grinding has evolved with new innovative machining technologies as precision cutting and precision grinding, which is now essential for precision machining of parts.

Rotary Air Bearing Table: In many cases engineers can create air bearings that approach the theoretical limit of performance. The porous restriction type can lower the vibration level, compared with the annual restriction type. On the aerkstatic hand, the aerostatic bearing is less rigid and can handle smaller load capacities, baring with the ball or roller bearing.

To compare this with ball bearings, in ball bearings the balls are in constant contact with and form a solid bridge between the machine elements. In the worst cases, these air bearings consist of a concave bearing surface instead of a chamber.


Dead volumes refer in particular to chambers and canals existing in conventional aerostatic bearings in order to distribute the gas and increase the compressed pressure within the gap. The relative benefits of each approach are debatable.

Modeling of aerostatic bearing orifices – LFMI

Porous media bearings use a porous material typically carbon, bronze, or steel which the air penetrates through into the bearing area. Air bearings also beating extremely good tilt characteristics – 0. The aerostatic bearing has the following excellent bearung which cannot be obtained by any other bearing system. It is widely used as an attachment of diversified machines including the precision vertical precision machine as described above.

Normally, the compressed gas is supplied by a compressor. There are several types of restriction for supplying air to the clearance of the bearing. However, because many air bearings are made from nonmagnetic materials, it requires adding other materials to the bearing such as iron. The gas cushion carries the load without any contact between the moving parts. Our typical air bearings are hydrostatic or in our case aerostatic and use a compressed air supply to create the fluid film.

Heat generation in mechanical bearings sometimes require “warm up” periods during which there is thermal movement.

aerostatic bearing

Now that you understand the basics of how air bearings work, here are some of the most common configurations for using them to create motion with a variety of degrees of freedom. Recently, development of SiC substrates has been advanced energetically in the power semiconductor field. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we would enjoy assisting aerostaatic. In addition, beariny bearing preloaded bearings can be operated in any orientation.

Modeling of aerostatic bearing orifices

We achieved the run out of the work spindle of 3nm aerostxtic less as per the SPAM method by using the porous restriction type aerostatic bearings. During the testing design, the solar panels are hung on magnetic preloaded air-bearings that compensate for gravity.

The mass production technology of optical parts including aspheric lens has expanded largely, supported by the increase and demand for consumer devices such as digital cameras, cellular phones, CD, DVD and liquid crystal displays.