Under his direction, the company expanded from its European customer base to the North American market and established ADEX USA which has now entered. Complete range of tiles by Adex (Spain) with prices and availability in stock. Secure payment. Courier delivery of samples. Customer reviews. ADEX since (Spain): Classical Tiles. They cover the walls of the houses of important politicians, aristocrats, actors, and affluent entrepeneurs. They appear.

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NorthEast Distribution Center Phone This system has enabled us to optimize our process to promote protection and prevention of the environment. Rombos by Adex Spain. Our 3rd generation leader, Mr.

Ceramic Tiles by Adex. – Distributor of Spanish Tiles

View all search results. Gold and precious metals The atmosphere within a design space can be enhanced by combining the unique attributes of tile. However, some manufacturers dare to experiment with tile shape, leaving behind ordinary rectangles.


The ability for one to evoke expression can be created through mindful tile design. Pavimento by Adex Spain. Thank you Paco…you will be dearly missed.

The design intention expresses whether the tile will compliment a focal point or create one.

He was a man of heart which he poured into his family, company and industry. ADEX is truly a family company with its 4th generation leading it.

Introducing New Field Tiles for Floors

Original Tile Shapes for Unprecedented Interiors Indeed, the range of ceramic tile and porcelain stoneware offered by the European flagship brands amazes.

These attributes include tile designs, shapes, patterns, colors, and detailed finishing pieces. Rest of the World.

Interestingly, it was due to the cooperation with Salvador Dali, t The Health of our Environment is a Responsibility Shared. West Coast Distribution Center Phone Today, interior environments have become diverse expressions of style, mood, and personality.

Either way, adeex plays an important role in creating the voice of an interior space.

Indeed, the range of ceramic tile and porcelain stoneware offered by the European flagship brands amazes. Adex as a tile ceramixa is known since Thank you for inspiring the generations to come. There are no results that match your search criteria.


We promise to continue to review and improve our efforts to reinforce our commitment to keeping the planet healthy.

The New Earth Collection. The choice of patterns and shadings, surface textures and finishes reflects the ever growing demand for tiling materials. Inspiring mindful tile design and finishing details.

In he received the Medalla de Oro de la Villa de Feramica for his contribution to the international promotion of the Spanish ceramic tile industry. Nature by Adex Spain. Ocean by Adex Spain. Paco was also beginning the mentoring process of the 5th generation which has just entered the business. Renaissance by Adex Spain. Introducing 3 New Colors in the Hampton Collection. Wood Picket Field Cwramica. My Account Sign In. After rebranding, the company still adheres to the core values: