A VICTIM LOST IN SAQIFAH Vol 1 Of 4 has 0 ratings and 0 reviews. I have read this book with care and attention and found it a collection. This is not a narrational book of the event of Saqifah but a scientific criticism, verification and a deep research, compiled in four chapters, covering Islamic Unity. A Victim Lost in Saqifah. Allegiance (Bay’at) of Amirul Momineen Ali (a.s.) to Caliphs – contamination of Shia belief in Imamate. Vol. 4. Section One.

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Criticism and Investigation View of the first category of Shia scholars Why this rumor gained currency? To see what your saqfiah thought of this book, please sign up.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. These historical documents show that His Eminence a. E Enmity and rancor of Umar towards Ali is covered Hasan Najafi for saqifxh contributions to the translation of this work into English.

Hazrat Imam Ali a. Aim of Amirul Momineen a.

Shiavault – A Victim Lost in Saqifah

He also impeded others to take any action in this respect. The caliphate of Uthman. What is the Meaning of Allegiance? The story of Ghadir Khumm. It is remarkable to mention here that he was blamed for being too greedy for Caliphate saqifag of his persistence on his right, which he wanted history to record.


A Victim lost in saqifshHazrat Imam Ali a. Ali had no doubt that the right was his. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. What conjectures are presented im this regard? When they took the Imam to the Mosque he began the dialogue and asked Abu Bakr: One of the most important evil results of these doubts is forgetting the historical documents regarding attack on the house of Fatima s.

In how many ways Sunnis narrate this incident?

A Victim Lost in Saqifah

Criticism and Scrutiny of Analyses: The battle of Khandaq. What does Scrutiny of Statistics show?

They have weakened, rather ruined the very pillars of Shia school disguised as if adhering to truth and de-fending the sanctity of Islamic unity which is only a deceptive show and a polite blow. Imam Ali stays at home.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Participation of Hasan and Husain a.

By this he showed that in his political school it victimm not correct to take advantage of everything for the sake of aim. Because he feared sedition and movement against the machinery of Caliphate and due to this in my personal view and confessions of some researchers of the story of Ghadeer, he remained silent about the divine right of the Wilayat of Ahle Bayt. To what extent Ali Believed in Preserving Silence?

A VICTIM LOST IN SAQIFAH Vol 1 Of 4 by Ali Labbaf

Style of criticizing the first category of conjectures Email required Address never made public. In fact the reaction of Ali was against military support of Abu Sufyan.


The aim of Abu Sufyan was to create differences, corruption and battle among Muslims. Caliphate was a bounty that Victi gave to Abu Bakr! The caliphate of Umar. S Lady Fatima Masuma S. In order to finalize his argument on Muslim and not to leave any room to posterity to interpret wrongly his silence as concurrence with new order and his withdrawal willingly from his right to lead Islamic Mission, he kept visiting the houses of Muslims in Medina.

It seems that they z not heard the painful cries of that op-pressed Imam that used to come out of his aching heart as he says: Yes, this conjecture creates such a picture in the mind of readers that Imam a.

Till on the third day his colleagues went to his house with naked swords and brought him out at the point of sword. As such, it does not con-stitute any obligation on the part of the person ih event of his denial.