2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. isc Website: isc Silicon NPN Power Transistors. 2SC DESCRIPTION. ·Low Collector Saturation Voltage.: VCE(sat)= V(Max)@ IC= 6A. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type / High Current Switching Applications, 2SC data sheet.

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One possible test would be to vary the line voltage and observe theset’s behavior. Small ceramic capacitors are normally placed across the diodes to reduce RF interference.

At 50 VAC or less, theswitcher should kick in and produce some output though correct regulationmay not occur until 80 VAC or more.

2SC Datasheet PDF –

Sync separator to obtain horizontal and vertical synchronization pulses. It is imperative to have the CRT running whenusing these whimpier approaches, so that you can see where there are still impurities.

It is a good idea to mark their position in any case withsome white paint, ‘white out’, or a Magic Marker so that if they do getmoved – or you move them deliberately, you will know where you started. However, it is more likely that you will break the neck off the tube since the neck is relatively weak. I was just wondering what these computers used to do to the televisions to mess them up like that.

Accurately mark the original positions – sometimes you will changesomething that will not have an obvious effect but will be noticeablelater on. Startup problems – nothing happens, click, or tick-tick-tick sound: One or more large filter capacitors to smooth the unregulated DC. TV prices have been dropping almost as fast as PC prices.


Clean the screen with a soft cloth just dampenedwith water and at most, mild detergent. However, some require the cover formechanical strength or to not easily fall over.

If this does not help or does not completely cure the problem,then you can try manually degaussing.


In other designs, however, mostof the low voltages are derived from secondary windings on the flyback LOPT transformer of the horizontal deflection system. Let the set warm up for a minimum of15 minutes.

They boost the output of the chroma demodulator to the hundred volts or so needed to drive the cathodes of the CRT. However,a likely area to investigate would be: The Video Handbook also includes descriptions of video signals and common video connectors.

The weight 2wc3346 a TV or stereo components could affect the VCR mechanically, messing up tape path alignment or worse.

Dagasheet power is controlled by a hard switch – a pull or click knob, or mechanicalpush-push switch and this has become erratic due to worn contacts,replacements are available but often only directly from the originalmanufacturer to physically fit and where applicable have the 2sc33346 other controls built in.

Discrete multivibrator or other simple transistor circuit to provide base drive to the HOT. BTW, I can sympathize with your unhappiness. Set the tint control for best flesh tones. Alternatively, you can use the following procedure: However, the CRT neck is relatively thin and fragile and breaking it would be very embarrassing and costly.

The focus pot is usually located on the flyback transformer or on anauxiliary panel nearby. Horizontal size should be set so that there is about percentoverscan left and right.

As always, mark the starting position ofall the rings and make sure you are adjusting the correct set if rings! If someone thinks its not a live chassis xatasheet are in for quite a shock.

This was exacerbated by the tendency torun them devices at very high brightness levels. The circuit described below can used to provide a visual indication of polarity and charge. There may be electronic position adjustements as well though this is not that common on small TVs.

The usual way a TV service person would test for startup problems is to inject a signal to the base of the HOT of about Older TVs use a bunch of knobs and switches and these are prone to wear and dirt. I think I have an older Sylvania that does that sort of thing – don’treally know as I never use the power button on the set! The use of a GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protected outlet is a good idea but will not protect you from shock from many points in a line connected TV or monitor, or the high voltage side of a microwave oven, for example.


Horizontal output in all but the smaller TVs is a large discrete power transistor, most often an NPN bipolar type. Just make sure to take proper safety precautions when reaching inside! However, repeat a few times to be sure.

Analog by pspice

Of course, not much else will work either. When removingmedia from a room remember to check desk drawers and manuals for strayfloppies, too. Modern CRTs usually use acombination of a series of magnetized moveable rings on the neck, and yokeposition and orientation to set purity and convergence. They are usually low values like 2 ohms and are in big rectangular ceramic power resistor cases or smaller blue or gray colored cylindrical power resistors.

While you are at it, check for bad connections – prod the circuit board with datashee stick when the problem reoccurs – as these can cause parts tofail. There is an internal datzsheet control that is misadjusted or not functioning. It is usually a wire by itself going to the little boardon the neck of the CRT.

Depending on the particular model TV, the following purity adjustmentprocedure may substitute green for red depending on the arrangement of theguns in the CRT. Heat and magnetic fields will rapidly 2c3346 your priceless video collection into so much trash. You will need to check with your ohmmeter for shorted semiconductors. It was setoriginally to 60 Hz to minimize the visibility of 2sc3436 between thedeflection and power transformer.